Mulberries (Shahtoot) Health Benefits

The health benefits and uses of Mulberries.

1. Mulberries are a delicious fruit which comes from the Morus Alba Tree. They have some fantastic health benefits for the human body.

2. These berries contain a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol. This helps the body to age more slowly, preventing wrinkles and extending longevity

3. They are used in traditional medicine in China and have been shown to help balance blood sugar levels. This keeps you feeling more energised, less sleepy and are excellent for diabetics.

4. The alkaloids within the fruit boost white blood cells in the body. These are part of your immune system and will prevent you from catching as many infections or colds.

5. They are also a good source of vitamin c, k, fibre, protein and iron.

6. You can purchase these in dried form from many health foods stores, and can also be found in capsule form as a supplement.

7. Mulberry leaves also have some excellent health benefits and can be drunk as a tea. Please see our other video on this to learn more.

8. Like most berries, they reduce oxidative stress on the body. This may be helpful in preventing mental diseases and dementia when eaten regularly as part of a balanced diet.

9. You can make a delicious mulberry tea, using both the berries and the leaves. This is a natural cough medicine and will cure a sore throat quickly.

10. They are also a gentle laxative and can help to treat constipation and stomach pain.

11. The iron within the berries can boost the body’s production of red blood cells. These increase the body’s distribution of oxygen and make you feel much healthier overall.

12. They have been used to flavour some varieties of Turkish delights. These are very delicious but should only be enjoyed as a treat.

13. The unique aroma is also used in some cosmetic products, especially liquid soaps and luxury bath items.