Mutual Fund Investors Redressal through SEBI Complaints

how can the investors redress their complaints regarding mutual fund

Investors would find the name of the contact person in the scheme information document of the mutual fund scheme that they may approach in case of any queries Complaints or grievances. They can also call on mutual fund houses customer care or call centre number for the same. Trustees of the mutual fund monitor the activities of the mutual fund. The names of the directors of the asset management company and trustees are also mentioned in the statement of additional information. Investors should approach the concerned AMC or investor service centre of the AMC with their complaints. If the complaints remain unresolved the investors may approach AMFI or SEBI for facilitating redressal of their complaints. On the receipt of complaints AMFI or SEBI takes on the matter with the concerned mutual fund and follows up with it regularly. Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks read all scheme related documents and information carefully before investing