Natural Detox: Best Foods for Healthy Lungs Cleansing

How to clean the arteries naturally with a list of healthy foods

1. Nowadays we eat lots of food rich in unhealthy fats. This causes our arteries to become clogged with bad cholesterol.

2. This is also known as LDL or plaque. This can cause some major problems for our bodies, with a higher chance of having a heart attack or stroke.

3. We also gain a lot of weight as our bodies have trouble flushing away these unhealthy fats.

4. In order to change this, we should begin to eat specific healthy foods which will boost our health, and allow the body to begin healing itself. We have chosen some of the healthiest foods which you can use to begin cleaning your arteries right away. Honey. You can replace sugar in your diet with honey, as this has been shown to keep cholesterol levels in check. It also tastes positively delicious. Garlic. This superfood contains a potent compound called allicin, which lowers cholesterol and heals many underline infections. Watermelon. This tasty fruit will increase blood circulation, which is exactly what you need to flush away the plaque in the arteries.

Best Foods for Lungs Detox and Cleansing

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Get rid of butter, vegetable oils and spreads and use this instead. It has a tremendous amount of health benefits. (I recommend Italian Olive Oil from Puglia, it tastes so much better)

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: This contains live enzymes which help your body to break down food more effectively. You can drink a teaspoon of this in water before food.

Organic Salmon, or Lake Trout: Instead of eating lots of takeout food, enjoy eating poached fish such as these. They contain healthy omega 3 fatty acids which boosts healthy cholesterol (HDL) and therefore a healthy heart.

Turmeric: This super root spice is extremely powerful for boosting your health, and removing plaque from the arteries.

Onions: Eating raw onions will supply your body with some much-needed sulphur which can also help in cleaning out the arteries.

Ginger: Yet again another spice, which is well known for helping to fight heart disease amongst other benefits.

Whole Flax Seeds: These seeds contain lots of fibre which will help you to use the toilet more often, and flush out cholesterol.

Extra Virgin Avocado Oil: This helps to prevent further damage to the arteries, and can also help to prevent diabetes and obesity.

Peppermint and parsley: Two of our favourite herbs for boosting the health of the entire body. You can blend these with other fruits and veggies as a substitute for harmful sugary drinks.

Brocolli: This delicious green vegetable contains lots of vitamin K, which protects your arteries from calcium damage.

Spinach: This can be served on the side of almost any meal and will make your arteries resist plaque due to the healthy nitrates contained within.

Almonds: eating a handful of peeled almonds every day has also been shown to lower cholesterol levels effectively.

5. There are many other healthy foods seen in our other videos, which will also aid your body in reducing cholesterol. A healthy lifestyle is important to protect your heart. These foods are also very uplifting and will make you feel wonderful.

6. If you plan on reducing cholesterol quickly, it’s important that you try to avoid eating lots of sugary foods and drinks. 7. You should also be sure to avoid alcohol as much as possible because this causes inflammation in the body, which will also clog your arteries even more.

8. Caffeine found in coffee and tea will also raise your cholesterol, so try to drink less of these throughout the day, and replace with freshly made juices.

9. Vegetable oil should be avoided at all costs, simply use extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil or coconut oil instead.

Gentle exercise is also recommended on a daily basis. Even if this simply involves going a ten-minute walk. It will make all the difference to your health.