Natural remedy: Cleanse your Colon with 3 Detox Juices

How to remove toxins from the colon using a simple homemade juice.

1. Many of us eat processed foods, frozen ready meals and sugar drinks. Over time these can cause toxins to build in the body.

2. These toxins cause our hormones to become imbalanced, causing us to gain weight and feel ill.

3. Toxins can accumulate in the colon, especially if we eat lots of starchy foods like pasta and bread.

4. Over time, this can cause cancer in the lower part of the digestive system.

5. The following juice will provide your body with a massive boost of live enzymes and nutrients, to remove all toxins in the colon.

6. This will also work to balance out the blood and make you feel more energised and alert.

Recipe for Colon detox juice: You Will Need 6 Carrots 1 Inch Fresh Ginger Root, 4 Apples (Red or Green) Method: Wash each ingredient well and place in a juicer or blender. Process well and then use a sieve to remove the fibres and then drink. You will want to drink this twice per day for at least a few weeks.

7. This will not only cleanse your colon but also boost your immunity against parasites, diseases and infections.

8. You will begin to feel more energised, because each of these is superfoods, supplying the body with a great range of nutrients.

9. Carrots are simply one of the best vegetables in the world for building new healthy cells in the body.

10. You may also find your eyesight improving, and your mental cognition increased.

11. Be sure to cut back on any foods containing flour during this cleanse. Bread, in particular, can clog up the digestive system.

12. You will find yourself using the toilet more often, this is perfect and the bodies natural way of removing waste.