Natural Remedy: Gelatin For Joint Pain

The benefits of eating gelatin to ease joint pain.  

1. Joint pain is a common problem which can cause stiffness and lack of mobility. Stiff painful joints are caused by a variety of problems such as arthritis, exercise, age and physical trauma.  

2. The good news is that there are many natural foods which you can eat which will strengthen the joints and get rid of the pain.  

3. Gelatin is a common ingredient which is used as a gelling agent in food, medicine and cosmetic products. It is most commonly used in gummy candies and medical soft capsules.  

4. Gelatin is made of pure collagen which is extracted from the bones, ligaments and tendons of pigs and cows after slaughter.   This is extremely powerful for improving the health of your joints and bones, as the collagen strengthens the tendons and connective tissue.  

5. Studies have taken place where people will eat gelatin every single day. It has been scientifically shown to strengthen the joint tissue and get rid of joint pain over time.  

6. This works particularly well for those who are suffering from arthritis, or have had an injury and wish to heal the joints.  

7. Those who suffer from a lot of back pain should consider taking gelatin every single day along with gentle exercises to strengthen the muscles.  

8. When eating this daily, you will also notice your skin health improving as collagen is one of the main building blocks of skin. This provides elasticity, young-looking and vibrant skin.  

9. There are different ways that you can take gelatin every day. You can make your own healthy “Jelly” or “Jello” by purchasing leaves of gelatin from the health food store or supermarket. These are soaked in hot water, and healthy fruit juices added to make a flavoursome, yet healthy dessert.  

10. You can also make healthy home stews by cooking with meat on the bone. This is also known as bone broth. The collagen within the bones is released into the water and then drank. We recommend drinking bone broth as often as possible, as it is one of the healthiest things that you can consume for overall health.  
11. Try adding some healthy spices and herbs seen in our other videos, to your bone broth stew. These will provide even more benefits and flavour for your body.  

12. Gelatin also helps your bones to absorb calcium making them stronger and healthier over time.  

13. Gelatin also contains a powerful amino acid called glycine. This has been shown to improve your sleeping patterns, providing you with rest and time to heal.  

14. If you are an athletic person who exercises often, taking gelatin on a daily basis will both increase your performance and protect your joints from damage in the future.