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Lulli cast: Larissa Manoela, Sergio Malheiros, Amanda de Godoi. Lulli Release Date: 26 December 2022 (Netflix). Lulli Director: César Rodrigues. Lulli is looking full of Comedy, Romance. Now I’m going to tell you all about Lulli (2022).

Lulli is a Brazilian Comedy-Romance movie (2022). Larissa Manoela, Sergio Malheiros, Amanda de Godoi are the main cast of Lulli (2022). Lulli (Larissa Manoela) is a fearless and obstinate clinical understudy whose life is changed subsequent to being stunned by a MRI machine and beginning to pay attention to individuals’ musings. December 26th, just on Netflix. The film will enter the index on December 26, precisely 34 days from now. Presently add the film to the rundown and stream the trailer a great deal! How about we give VIEWS on this unpublished.

The 26th may even be to eat extras from Christmas, A present for you that shows up that very day. “Lulli”, being the second Netflix unique film by Larissa Manoela as of now has a delivery date. The entertainer, this year, added one more movie to the Netflix index, “Diários de Intercâmbio”, which was coordinated by Bruno Garotti and made by Paris Filmes. Presently we will have indeed Larissa Manoela on Netflix.

In the wake of getting shocked by a MRI machine, an eager youthful clinical understudy starts to hear the musings of others.

Movie: Lulli (2022)

Network: Netflix

Director: César Rodrigues

Writers: Renato Fagundes, Thalita Rebouças

Main Stars: Larissa Manoela, Sergio Malheiros, Amanda de Godoi

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Country: Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Release Date: 26 December 2022 (Netflix)

Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes

Also known As: Луллі, Lulli, Lulli Netflix, Lulli (2022)

Larissa Manoela As Lulli

Sergio Malheiros As Julio

Amanda de Godoi As Vanessa

Yara Charry As Elena

Vinícius Redd As Diego

Sérgio Malheiros

Nicolas Ahnert

Paula Possani

Gabriel Contente

Ana Mangueth

Carlos Artur Thiré

Guilherme Fontes

Luciana Braga

Marcos Breda

Thalita Rebouças

Lulli (Larissa Manoela) is an aspiring clinical understudy whose greatest dream is to turn into the best specialist ever. Notwithstanding, her reality flips around when the young lady is shocked by an electromagnetic reverberation gadget that stirs her capacity to hear others’ contemplations. Netflix delivered the film “Lulli” to the press before it opened, and news started to come out.”

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