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WeCrashed cast: Jared Leto, Anne Hathaway, O-T Fagbenle. WeCrashed Release Date: 18 March 2023 (Apple TV+). WeCrashed Episodes: 8. WeCrashed is looking full of Biography, Drama. Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway are set to appear in the forthcoming mini-series which will premiere in the world of Apple TV + platform. Two world-renowned Hollywood actors will be part of the ensemble of WeCrashed.

WeCrashed is an American Biography-Drama TV Series (2023). Jared Leto, Anne Hathaway, O-T Fagbenle are the main cast of WeCrashed TV Series (2023). The show is based on the Wondery podcast with the same name. It stars Oscar as well as SAG Award winners Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway. “WeCrashed” is Leto’s first TV appearance following the drama of the 1990s “My So-Crashed Life”. WeCrashed debuts in the US on Apple TV+ 18 March 2023.

The story is built on the Wondery podcast, titled “WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork”. The series tells of the development and demise of WeWork which is one of the most expensive start-ups, as well as two narcissists whose chaotic love was the catalyst for it all. In just 10 years the company transformed from a niche concept for leasing office space to an international company worth more than 47 billion bucks. It collapsed in an entire year.

WeCrashed Plot:

The voracity-filled ascent and unavoidable fall of WeWork, one of the world’s most important new businesses, and the egomaniacs whose turbulent love made it all conceivable.

AdvertisementTV Series: WeCrashed (2023)

Network: Apple TV+

Main Stars: Jared Leto, Anne Hathaway, O-T Fagbenle

Genres: Biography, Drama

Country: United States

Language: English

Release Date: 18 March 2023 (Apple TV+)

Season: 1

Episodes: 8 (To be Confirm)

Filming locations: New York City, New York, USA

Also known As: МыПрогорели, WeCrashed, WeCrashed Season 1, WeCrashed (2023)

WeCrashed Cast:

Jared Leto As Adam Neumann

Anne Hathaway As Rebekah Neumann

O-T Fagbenle As Cameron Lautner

Kyle Marvin As Miguel McKelvey

Cricket Brown As Chloe Morgan

Theo Stockman As Jacob

Robert Emmet Lunney As Richard

America Ferrera As Elishia Kennedy

Steven Boyer As Matthew

Andrew Ryan Perry As WeWork Employee

Eui-sung Kim As Masayoshi Son

Katherine Laheen As Ingrid

Lily Jane As Harlow Moon

Isabel Joy Wolk As Ahava

Andrew Burnap As Phil

Shanti Ashanti As Adi Neumann

Asmeret Ghebremichael As Renee

Mallori Johnson As Bea3 episodes

Kelly AuCoin As Scott Galloway

Peter Jacobson As Bob Paltrow

Antoinette Crowe-Legacy

Halle Dolce As Tween at Wedding

Carolyn Baeumler As Rebekah’s Mom

Lauren Yaffe As Parent2 episodes

Max Casella

Ajay Naidu As Randall

Kim Fischer As Mark

Lou Martini Jr. As Contractor

Gina Jun As Astorian

Daniel Burns As Horace Mann Alum

Alexandra Templer As Team Member

Frank Ridley

Scottie DiGiacomo As Distinguished Board Member

Onie Maceo Watlington As Harlow Moon

Jaiden Klein As Tween Rebekah

Lyman Chen As Skeptical Landlord

Dale Place As Professor

Eric R. Williams As Cryotherapy Attendant

Ceci Fernandez As Vanesa

Jeff Panzarella As Tony Silvestro

John Fico As Landlord

Jake Levy As Aaron

Tom Galantich As Carl

Bobby Roman As Chad

Brooklyn Norstedt As Amber

Sofia Dobrushin As Andrea

Anthony Ramaseur As Party goer

Tracy Wilder As Store Owner’s Wife

Penelope Rose Lang As Harlow Moon

Brandon Curry As Cashier

Zoe Zien As Journalist

Mark R. Anthony As Landlord

Kenneth De Abrew As Scene Partner

Ashley Patrice Bufkin As Olga

Doug Chitel As Rabbi

Joanna Carpenter As Waitress

Maria Roberts As Office worker

Alec Hynes As Junior Department Store Buyer

Dena Rysdam Miller As Tenant

Wonu Ogunforwara As HR Onboarding Assistant

Jordan Bridges As Jamie Hodari

William Ragsdale As CNBC Interviewer

Kate Jennings Grant As Emily Raubvogel

Bill Winkler As Morgan Stanley Master of the Universe

Christopher Livingston As Jonathan Mildenhall

Josephine Huang As PR Flack #2

Essam Ferris As Al Mubarak

Anthony R. Mottola As Mikey’s Friend

John Anderson As Podcast Host

Daniel Hepner As Chris

Sarah Alvarez As Intern

Erica Sinner As Cassandra

Yoshiro Kono As Vision Fund Executive

Hannah Jane McMurray As Monica

Jessica Cummings As Claire

Chris Bolan As Paparazzi

Di Zhu As Chinese Translator

Dylan S. Wallach As Jaime Hodari Lookalike

Joshua Wills As Eliot Brown

Shawn Jain As Lee

Ryu Go-Eun As Gallerist

Richard Lyntton As French Project Manager

Cole Francum As Director

Karoline Xu As Vanity Fair Journalist

Mark Quiles As Mr. Fishman

Alicia Mitchell-Mangual As Bank Teller

Nathan Min As Robb

Irene Rising As Makeup Artist

Sawyer Matheny As Board Member 6

Tyler Jones As WeWork Tour Guide

Angelica Toledo As Marketing Exec

Matt Wolpe As Schlubby Engineer

Jarrett Winters Morley As Dead Sea Cabana Patron

Jason Ostrowski As Myles

Rich Dubin As Board Member 4

Pat Labez As Claudia

Apple has worked with the producers of the show in order to decide if, at the show’s completion, it will be an element of Apple TV +. Apple TV + cast. Original content that features incredible actors. It is based upon the uniqueness and sophistication of its greats. WeCrashed is a new series. WeCrashed series will focus on WeWork as it descends into Hell because of the conduct of its co-founder and CEO Adam Neumann that led to his resignation in the year 2019. In the role of Jared Leto, Jared Leto returns to television after a lengthy absence.

The show for Apple is an adaptation of the podcast “WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork” by Wondery studio. The series told the tale of the growth and demise of a business (movement) named WeWork which was founded with Adam Neumann – he will be played by Jared Leto. Anne Hathaway portrays Adam’s wife, Rebekah Neumann, whose contribution to the project increased as time went on. WeWork was valued at $47 billion at the height of its popularity.

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