OnePlus 8 Mobile Review For Indian Buyers

hi guys this is ranjit and in this video let’s do the full review of this oneplus 8 and this is the indian unit and i’ve used it slightly over a week so i’ll divide this review between pros and cons but before that here are quick specs for the oneplus 8 as you can see it’s having a six point five five inch uh full hd plus amoled screen which is actually 90 hertz and it’s part by the snapdragon 865 then hence it supports 5g and other specs are on the screen for your reference so let’s uh drop down between the pros and cons and guys i won’t get into detail about physical overview and all those things stream my unboxing if you want to buy and i yes i know this is a chinese smartphone uh i’m personally not going to use it but again i just wanted to give you out the review maybe some of you might be interested in this so again i’m just dividing it between the pros and cons so that you can decide if this is right for you or not if or any other smartphone is right for you anyways let’s talk about it and the first thing that i actually liked about this smartphone is strangely the in hand feel uh the in hand feel is actually really good of this handset so it’s having that 6.55 inch screen it’s actually comfortable to hold because the back is also rounded a little bit so it does not feel very big and the biggest thing i would say is that the weight balance has been done well on this one this was always a problem for me with the oneplus pro series i always felt that the weight balance of those phones was not good but this one is actually done very well and in hand feel is actually good and so it feels actually a way more comfortable though it’s having a 6.55 inch screen now next if we move to the performance yeah you know guys because of the snapdragon 865 soc the performance is blazingly fast and again uh the thing that i personally like about oneplus is that oxygenos almost close to stock android with some sprinkle of edition stuff that you would like to use so hence in terms of daily usage i would say i’d never had an issue with this one the performance is blazingly fast on this phone so that’s not an issue also in terms of screen it has that 90 hertz option but i’ll talk about the screen later on in the video now if we talk about the cellular call quality on this one again as you can see both my sims are on this one as of now uh that’s the atl and even with my jio sim and i have to say in terms of network reception the network reception is good on this one i wouldn’t say that’s the best or something but again i would say slightly above average and i did not have a problem with network reception and also coming to the cellular call quality the earpiece is actually very good loud and clear and even the microphone quality is good because i used it over eight days and none of the other parties complained that my voice was muffled or something like that i also did take a lot of calls by bluetooth headset i tried the what do you say uh what was that me uh tws2 uh headset with this and used it for four five days uh there it was fine and even with the me uh wireless uh z neck band that i used and in terms of bluetooth range also ah that was good so in terms of cellular quality and stuff that’s nice and now if we talk about uh uh one thing i forgot uh it also supports voiceover wi-fi and here in hyderabad italy does support that and i was able to make calls with that uh so again uh if you live in a low network area and if you have a wi-fi that is voice over wi-fi intel and jio i think so other providers that support this handset does support that and works very well uh now i’m talking about the battery life i was getting on this one on paper this has more capacity compared to the oneplus 7t this has a 4 300 milliamp hour battery but i would say uh the battery life i was getting on this one is closer to what you might be getting on the oneplus 7t i didn’t i was expecting a lot more uh but to be fair guys i was using this phone mostly on the 90 hertz not on the cd 60 hertz so that is something you have to note and in terms of screen on time i’ll add some screenshots also here as you can see the lowest i was got was about four and a half hours and the highest was slightly over six hours so i would say the average sot that i was getting was about five half hours on uh this one uh though the standby time is good for example as you can see yesterday i didn’t use this smartphone a lot and if you go to the battery stats over here uh let me actually show you here as you can see it’s still showing that we have about 20 battery life and it’s been almost about two days of the charger and screen on time as i’ve told you i didn’t use the phone a lot because i was testing the me laptop i was using that much but even after two days that’s almost over 48 hours we have a screen time of 4 hours 31 minutes and still we have about 20 battery uh left so as you can see uh so that’s regarding the battery life so the battery life if i have to sum up i would say it’s good enough i would say it’s not the best i have seen not the worst that i’ve seen on flagship android phone so that’s regarding the battery life now moving to gaming again uh i did try a little bit of gaming i did try just a call of duty on this one and it played fine without any issues again you should expect that because of the snapdragon 865 soc that’s the most powerful uh what do you say soc processor that you can get on android as of now so no issues with that now also talking about memory management here again the memory management is done well for example these are some of the apps that are used in the morning and as you can see they are in memory again don’t have to worry about it even youtube heavy app and as you can see so that’s the case as you can see uh most of the apps are reside in memory so in terms of memory management also it was fine and again because of that oxygen os it was a fluid experience now moving to uh another thing that is the camera on this one i was very skeptical about the camera uh before i got the phone because on paper if you look at even at the rear facing camera the specs are just very average the main camera has a 48 megapixel then we have a 16 megapixel ultra white and a 2 megapixel for macro and front facing is that 16 megapixel but uh consistently when i shot photographs with this phone the performance that i got was amazing here are some of the samples to give you an idea and as you can see most of the pictures that i took came out very good in fact the biggest surprise for me was that even an artificial lighting indoor lighting as you can see some of the samples taken in this office itself came out very good but even in very low lighting conditions as you can see here uh this was almost night and that i took the snaps came out very good very low lighting just a little bit of lighting coming out from the kitchen but then also as you can see it does actually very good job and these were taken in the normal mode not in the night mode hence i feel the camera performance has improved drastically uh i would say uh and that was a pleasant surprise to me even in artificial lighting where most of the phones actually struggle this one actually did a very good job but the surprising thing was that when i invoked the night mode this picture was taken in the night mode it did not do well i shut off the night mode and as you can see this was the flash obviously it came out good but when i shut off the flash manually also i got this picture so strangely i would say don’t use the night mode it is not doing a good job but general pitches that i took with this one came out very good and even if we talk about the front facing camera the front facing camera performance though it’s just a 16 megapixel we are these days getting 32 etc with the front facing but the performance was actually really good so in terms of camera i would say the camera performance was a surprise for me though it does not have a telephoto lens we do have that zoom option in the interface but it’s just a digital zoom i think so they’re leaving that zoom stuff for the pro series but nevertheless i frankly did not have huge expectations with the camera but the camera was the biggest surprise for me personally now uh let’s move to some of the cons that i have noticed with this device and the first con is that as you can see guys i’m not using it with the case right now and i feel uh this is a fingerprint magnet as you can see over here but apart from that this phone is also very slippery uh about two three times it actually slipped out of my hand and fell and even around my desk when it was there uh it just the vibration motor was there and it just slide out uh coming to vibration motor uh i would say this is a good thing this is not in the car i forgot to mention the vibration motor is improved i would say uh so haptic feed pack has definitely improved but if i compare it with some of the other flagships that i liked i would say those are my benchmark for haptic feedback for example the pixel 3 xl which i had or even the iphones i don’t think so the haptic motor or feedback is on those levels but anyways coming back to the cons uh next thing is that no physical led notification light still and still i don’t know why oneplus does that it has an amoled screen no always on display yes you have this if you just pick it up it gives you an idea but i want to have an uh always on screen that is what i miss with many uh when i’m using one plus devices for samsung devices for so long have been providing always on we don’t have that always on so you have to tap in and stuff and you don’t even have a physical notification light so sometimes uh that was the thing that was annoying to me but now uh moving to another uh thing is that uh this is again regarding the screen don’t get me wrong it’s a amulet screen i don’t think so the camera might be able to capture it let me adjust the brightness and see if it is able to do it uh what i noticed is that if you look at the screen like this fine but again if you start tilting it a little bit you have a pinkish shoe i don’t think so my camera will be able to capture it this is a general problem with many of the amoled screen and sadly it’s there even on this one again i would say this is prevalent in a lot of smartphones only except some of the high-end samsung you don’t get that issue but here i would say it’s slightly on the higher side if you look at it like this most of you won’t notice it but on a white background and stuff if you just tilt it like this the screen actually tries and you get that slight pinkish shoe and i’d notice that immediately but again um i am i noticed these issues uh so that’s why i’ve noticed what normal user might not but this is something that i felt was slightly more compared to many of the other uh screens that i’ve seen that are having an amoled screen now coming to another thing is that uh this is again a particular issue that i noticed and this is uh when i at night all the lights are closed uh and i keep the phones at the lowest brightness even at the lowest brightness i felt that the screen was pretty bright compared to many of the other what do you say flagship android phones that i’ve used that come with the amoled screen for example samsung etc they can go a lot lower in brightness so even at the lowest brightness i felt the screen was too bright and it was hurting my eyes if all the lights were closed and sometimes you have to use it at night like that i felt that the lowest brightness is not as good as earlier oneplus devices because some of the earlier oneplus devices did go even lower but i did notice flickering on that here flickering does not come but again the brightness also does not go that low that is something that i have noted now uh coming to another thing is that uh i still don’t like that the oneplus is skimping on that headphone jack that is something i feel that is solely unwanted and they should bring it back and this is a peculiar thing that i noticed and this is regarding wi-fi on this one uh this handset sometimes it’s not every time but about 10 of the 10 or 15 percent of the time uh right now it’s connected to wi-fi it was telling me though it’s connected to the wi-fi no internet was coming and i had this issue and though other devices other smartphones etc i was testing were connected to that wi-fi router without any problem and this is a router i’ve been using for a long long time never had an issue with any phone but here i had it and what i have to do it for fixing it is i have to have to just shut off the wi-fi and just enable it back and then it used to connect uh so that is a bug i think so i hope oneplus fixes it with the ot update but that was something that initially i noticed that was a creating issue for me and now let’s also talk about the pricing of this one in india uh oneplus officially started it with the 42 000 new variant but now if you look at the amazon india page it sold officially by amazon they have just removed that 42 000 variant so it starts at 45 000 and you get that 8 gb and 128 gb storage and then we also have one more variant that’s for 50 000 that’s 12 gb ram and 256 so essentially now it’s starting at 45 000 and if we start comparing it with the earlier version of one plus that is one plus 70 that was launched at 38 but now you can get that for 35 000 currently on amazon so there’s a price gap of about 10 000 rupees and yes i feel the cameras have improved considerably i would say yes this is surprising to me also and it’s not a bad phone but does it justify that 10 000 price difference from the oneplus 7t uh to this one yes this has 5g but uh will you be having 5g realistically in india in the next two years that is a question that you need to ask so i feel uh oneplus should have priced it slightly more aggressively and what was that marketing stunt why did you even launch that 42 000 variant if you don’t want to sell it in india stop doing this gimmicks i would say so again we also have the pro variant and i would say that 45000 price point would have been justified if this handset had the ip 67 or 68 protection but officially this one does not have that they have left at it for the pro series with the pro series if you go you will get slightly better camera it has that proper zoom and it also has ip rating and wireless charging those are the things that aren’t missing on this one don’t get me wrong overall the phone is fine i would say but i feel oneplus is charging a little bit of premium and trying to push you towards the pro instead of this one but again it’s your money and you have to decide which one is better i would say if you’re on a tight budget still even the oneplus 7t is a good smartphone it’s not an outdated smartphone but again if you are willing to spend this is not a bad phone anyways guys that’s it for this review