Open Vs Laparoscopic Surgery

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Are you suffering from a major problem and surgery is the only treatment? If yes, then before scheduling to undergo the knife, you must confirm available options from a medical practitioner. He can suggest you the best kind of surgery for you so it is natural to have a lot of queries regarding your surgery because you can have doubts regarding the surgery such as post operative pain, about the procedure, and many more. Each and every question of you is very important to know so no need to hesitate while asking any kind of question to your doctor. Your doctor may tell you two most important surgery options: open surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

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What is Open Surgery?

This is a traditional type of operation in which a very large incision is made so that damaged tissue or organ can be replaced through this. This is considered one of the biggest procedures in which a scalpel is used by the surgeon that can be 10 inches large for accessing the organ so that damage in the organ can be repaired. For example, a surgical stapler is used as surgical instrument by surgeon for different purposes such as to remove an organ, for cutting tissues or joining two structures. Linear stapler is used for adjustable immediate locking position and can ensure one-hand operation. At last, it can be said that open surgeries are much beneficial for transplants because larger incisions are made for extracting the damaged organ and replacing it with healthy organ or substitute.

What is Laparoscopic Surgery?

In this type of surgery, small incisions are made for inserting trocars (access device) into the abdomen and through these trocars surgeon inserts laparoscope, long and narrow instruments which are used to manipulate, cut, and staple tissues. Due to protection from pain during this procedure, surgeons give anesthesia to the patients. During this procedure, surgeons pump the gas into the patient’s abdomen through surgical tools so that they may easily look around the abdomen and operate. After letting out the gas of your abdomen, skin staplers and dressing is applied to close the incisions. Most of the time, patients are discharged same day from the hospital until any emergency is not there.

Open v/s Laparoscopic Surgery

The biggest difference between both of the surgery is the size of the incision. The size of incision matters a lot in various things such as bigger incision will take longer time to heal and more risks of infection whereas the smaller incision will take shorter time to heal and less risk of pain and infection.

You must understand the benefits of both of the surgeries:

  1. Benefits of Open Surgery: – This surgery is done in case of chronic illness such as heart surgery or kidney transplantation. As there is a bigger incision in this surgery, so a surgeon can access to the organ easily and this is a cleaner surgery. There is no chance of infection to other organs.
  2. Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery: – As this is minimal invasive surgery so this is less painful, heal faster, less blood loss, and do not leave big scars. This is cheaper than open surgery. That’s why this surgery has become most patients’ choice.

Which one to be chosen?

In most of the cases, your doctor will recommend the type of surgery depends upon the purpose of the surgery and extent of the disease. If doctor wants to diagnose the problem then laparoscopic surgery will be recommended to you. This is the best choice for an angioplasty, hysterectomy, appendicitis operation or removal of cysts or tumors.

But if you are suffering from chronic disease and it has spread more and damaged other organs then open surgery will be recommended to you to treat in a better way. This is also done for major organs such as heart, kidney, brain, and hernia.

For making right decision, you must discuss with doctor, your family members.


To get a healthier life and better life, you have to undergo surgery procedure. As everyone knows that you have to pay for good things in the life and pain is just one of the good things.

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