Piles (Bawaseer) Treatment in Chandigarh

Piles is an issue that normally dies down within a couple of days. Notwithstanding, inside the couple of days that it perseveres, the patient needs to go through a ton of agony and tingling nearby. Proctologists prescribe a medical procedure to be a definitive answer for the therapy. Then again, there are numerous choices for heaps of treatment without medical procedures. You should roll out certain improvements to your eating routine just as your latrine propensities to diminish the aggravations and counsel your proctologist to decrease the odds of prolapsed hemorrhoids.

There are skin creams and salves accessible which will stifle the indications for a couple of days. They go far to give alleviation from the aggravation and the tingling, and are prescribed to be the most secure wagered for heaps treatment without medical procedure. Assuming the issue is analyzed to be because of stoppage, you should guarantee that your stools are delicate. This should be possible by expanding the admission of fiber in your eating regimen. Caffeine ought to be stayed away from no matter what and the admission of water ought to be expanded enormously. Such precautionary measures should be taken in heaps.

You can likewise begin taking purgatives assuming that they are suggested by your proctologist. Outer heaps treatment without medical procedure expects you to exhaust your rectum of all stools as and when required. Nonetheless, on the off chance that the haemorrhoids are interior, you should go through different strategies. Treatment for inward heaps without a medical procedure requires the utilization of strategies like banding of the hemorrhoids to slice the bloodstream to the enlarged tissue. This will guarantee that the hemorrhoids tumble off and go through your stool without you in any event, taking note.

There are a few different strategies, for example, sclerotherapy and electrotherapy which can be suggested by your proctologist. Every one of these techniques requires exceptional methods that must be finished by a proctologist.

Bleeding Piles Treatment

Bleeding piles is a problem that can be quite uncomfortable for the person that suffers from it. Not only does the patient have to undergo physical pain, but also face embarrassment in public in case the bleeding starts in a public place. The treatment of bleeding piles can be multi-fold and based on the one that suits your comfort; you can consult with your proctologist and decide the proper course of action.

Non-Surgical Treatments

  1. Rubber Band Ligation: This method can band up to three haemorrhoids at a time. However, complications such as pain and haemorrhage can arise as a result of this method.
  2. Infrared Coagulation: This method is primarily used in order to fixate the mucus and reduce the chances of hemorrhoid relapsing.
  3. Bipolar Diathermy: This method uses heat to cause tissue fibrosis in the haemorrhoids. While it is not widely used, it is considered to be the best treatment for bleeding piles from grade I to grade III.

Surgical Treatments

  1. Haemorrhoidectomy: This is a broad field that includes many procedures such as the Milligan-Morgan open haemorrhoidectomy. It is quite a painful procedure which is why it is conducted under anaesthesia. Consult your proctologist for the complications that could arise in your case.
  2. Circular Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy: This is a procedure that mainly focuses on the surgical treatment of internal prolapsed haemorrhoids. The blood supply to the haemorrhoid is interrupted and this bleeding piles treatment is widely used and recommended by the proctologists.