Rauwolfia Serpentina (Sarpagandha) Health Benefits

The health benefits and uses of Serpentina.

1. The Serpentina Plant is also known as “The King of Bitter Herbs” and has been used to make herbal medicine for thousands of years.

2. This is native Sri Lanka and India but is now grown in different parts of the world with warm climates.

3. The leaves of the plant are used to counteract many diseases and ailments in the human body.

4. One of the most popular uses for this herb in traditional medicine is to help lower blood sugars for those who suffer from diabetes, or insulin resistance.

5. This was used in Ayurveda, the ancient form of Indian medicine to treat kidney disease by detoxifying these internal organs.

6. The leaves can be eaten or steeped in hot water to make serpentina leaf tea. This herbal tea is often used for its antibiotic properties to treat cold, flu, allergies or fever.

7. 6 small leaves should be eaten, three times per day to use this in its raw form. They can be added to a salad if you wish. This should not be consumed for more than 2-3 months.

8. Japanese researchers found that natural active compounds within the leaves help to prevent the multiplication of cancerous cells.

9. In China, the leaves are used to prevent the formation of blood clots, as the leaves help to improve blood flow.

10. Rauwolfia Serpentina is a natural blood thinner, therefore, should not be used for those who are taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medications.

11. The leaves also help to treat digestive problems such as Diarrhoea, Dysentery or indigestion.

12. They have a Choleretic effect which increases the flow of bile into the stomach. This breaks down fat and protein and allows your body to absorb more nutrients.

13. They also stimulate the immune system of the body causing it to heal faster from all kinds of internal problems, even improving the health of the skin.

14. An early study conducted in 1911 showed that pure bitter extract can be taken from this Rauwolfia serpentina herb and works to protect the liver against damage.

15. Those who suffer from an auto-immune disease such as multiple sclerosis, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis should avoid taking this herb, as it stimulates the immune system.