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Experts says Vitamin C is one of the safest and most useful or effective nutrient, it helps to increase our immune power, fulfill our various health supplements, cures the cardio-vascular diseases, prenatal health problems, cancer, stroke condition, various types of skin diseases, or eye problems. Normal intake level for vitamin C is 2000mg per day for an adult is very beneficial. Vitamin C has achieved great attention with various health benefits, higher intake of vitamin C can be meant as an ideal nutritional marker for overall health. The safest dosage of Vitamin C is five hundred milligrams per day. This dosage has strong evidence that it is very safe for every person. In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of Vitamin C and its good sources of food.


Fruits and vegetables are the best sources to gain the vitamin C, this Vitamin cannot be stored in our body so it should be taken on a daily basis. It can dissolve in water and if its limits exceed then it can also excrete out through the urine. Food is the best way to gain nutrients in an ideal manner, with Vitamin C you will also get other vitamins and supplements with a fibre rich diet and various fruits and veggies that consist of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is also called Ascorbic acid, that is very beneficial for your physical and mental growth and also helps to kill harmful bacterias with repairance of all body tissues. Collagen formation, iron absorption, proper immunity, healing properties, maintenance of cartilage, teeth or bones and various other functions in which vitamin C is involved. Vitamin C is famous for its anti-inflammatory or anti-oxidant properties, it helps to protect us from free radicals, toxic substances, harmful bacterias, or various pollutants like active smoking or passive smoking. This vitamin is very good for our overall health but it can only be taken in safer limits otherwise it may also  upset our GI Tract and lead to diarrhoea.

Lower Vitamin C Levels In The Body

Due to the deficiency of vitamin c – scurvy a very popular disease can occur. In this disease the immunity of the concerned person starts to decrease and results in increasing their possibilities to catch many infectious diseases. This concerned condition depends on the malnourishment of the population. Vitamin C deficiency can also cause hampering in wound healing status, bleeding gums, epistaxis, tooth loss, acidity or hyperacidity related conditions.

Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Many researchers talked about the various benefits of Vitamin C on our health, but this works together with other lifestyle changes or by modifying lifestyle habits like having good and enough sleep that is said to be 6-8 hours, daily exercise, not involved in smoking. Wonderful health benefits of Vitamin C are –

1. Stress

Vitamin C helps to reduce the stressful condition, it relieves the mental tension, and gives sufficient nutrient supplements to the body that helps to reduce the stress effectively.

2. In Inflammatory Conditions

When it comes to the common cold, it’s not that much effective in this condition, but it has already given some evidence that proves its beneficial effects in cold and flu complications like pneumonia or lung infections.

3. Anti-Coagulation Property

Those who are having highest concentration of Vitamin C in their blood serum, that can lowers the risk of stroke but this is not properly clear, but on those who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables have good level of vitamin C. but when we take good quantity of fruits and vegetables they have other potential nutrients and fibres, vitamins and minerals also.

4. Skin Ageing

Vitamin C shows potential effects on the regeneration and reformation of cellular growth, it is said to be a great antioxidant and shows miraculous effects on our skin, it helps to rejuvenate the dead cells and keep the skin healthy. That’s why we can see that in many cosmetic products this Vitamin C is said to be a major ingredient that helps the skin to breath and glow properly. It helps in removing the wrinkles and helps in reducing the inflammation, and lowers the risk of skin’s cancerous conditions.

5. Natural Defence

Strengthens the body’s natural defence power, boosts the immune system, kills the harmful bacterias that may raise chronic diseases, reduces the oxidative stress and increases the blood antioxidant levels upto 30%.

6. Manages The Blood Pressure

In result reduces the risk of many heart disorders, toned the blood vessels, lowers the cholesterol levels and triglycerides also.

7. Prevents The Iron Deficiency

Pomegranate is widely famous to normalise the disturbed levels of Iron and other blood disorders.

How To Involve Vitamin C In Our Daily Diet

Citrus fruits are said to be the richest source of vitamin C, green peppers are also filled with Vitamin C, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, are the good sources of Vitamin C. dark green leafy vegetables, papaya, mango, watermelon, cauliflower, blueberries, raspberries and pineapples or winter squashes etc. these are the richest sources of Vitamin C that can be included in our daily diet. Some other combinations that helps us to increase the intake of vitamin C –

  1. Take pureed or grated fruits as in the form of soups, muffins etc.
  2. Take fruits and vegetables as a short meal or as snacks.
  3. Cubes of honey, mixed with dry fruits are also the richest and easiest way of taking Vitamin C.
  4. Hummus, low-fat dips, or small salads are beneficial to be taken with fruits.
  5. Take a glass of these juices or vegetables as a filling or low-calorie snack.


Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, its major source is fruits and vegetables. It’s a water soluble supplement that gives various types of health benefits by promoting our basic health and immunity. We can not rely on Vitamin C only for our management but we can enhance our immunity to fight back with the ongoing disease or can improve our medicinal efficacy to work more properly. It is abundant in many plants, vegetables and fruits, it affects the person’s physical health and mental health. Vitamin C prevents pneumonia and also helps by supporting the tetanus medication and its proper intake may reduce the risk of scurvy also.

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