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Overall: Cannonball is a Korean Movie (2021). Cannonball cast: Kim Hae Na, Kim Hyun Mok, Kang Bong Sung. Cannonball Release Date: August 2021. Cannonball.

Movie: Cannonball (2021)

Main Stars: Kim Hae Na, Kim Hyun Mok, Kang Bong Sung

Country: South Korea

Genres: Movie

Language: Korean

Release Date: August 2021

Season: 1

Aired: August 2021

Also Known As: Kaenonbol, 캐논볼, Cannonball 2021

Hyeon Woo misplaced his brother some days ago. He tells his homeroom instructor Yeon Jeong that he has some thing to tell her right away and offers him time. Hyeon Woo evenly tells her why his brother died. The trainer is stifled via his words.

Kim Hae Na as Yeon Jeong

Kim Hyun Mok as Hyeon Woo

Kang Bong Sung as Hee Cheol

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