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Dannie Riel is a stunning Canadian model that was born on June 16, 1988. She is a YouTube personality with millions of followers in addition to modeling. Her YouTube channel features trip vlogs and photoshoots behind-the-scenes films. Her beauty and assertiveness won her the title of “Sexiest Asian Girl on Earth.” She has millions of fans on all of her social media accounts. She is a natural daredevil who enjoys living life on the edge.

Early Years

Dannie Riel was born in the country of Canada. The Manitoba native is a Canadian citizen who is the daughter of Chinese and French parents. She does, however, identify as a “French Chinese person.” On any social media platform, there is no information on Riel’s parents or siblings. Riel hasn’t mentioned them in any of the media. It’s also fascinating to learn about her early life and schooling.

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Riel must have wanted to be a supermodel since she was a child. She is one of the few models who has made a name for herself on social media. Riel utilized social media to get her name out there in the modeling industry. She has inspired and gained millions of fans as a result of her tenacity, hard work, and appreciation for her passion. Riel has already come close to realizing her ambitions. She has not only modeled in Canada, but she has also been to a number of other nations. The SCD Team first saw Riel during Sports Compact Night. Several well-known journals and media outlets took notice of her as a result of her exposure. Aside from modeling, Riel has been running her own YouTube channel since 2008. Her YouTube account has around 22.2k followers as of 2018. She mostly uploads trip vlogs to other places, as well as culinary vlogs and everyday routine vlogs. Riel also has a YouTube account where she posts videos on her post-photoshoot vlogs.

Riel has also launched her own online apparel business, “Riel Brand Clothing,” under her own name.”Would you rather sit on a gorgeous beach or go skydiving?” was the intriguing question she was posed. “How about skydiving over a gorgeous beach?” she said deftly. I’d rather be skydiving while relaxing with a beer in my hand.” As a result, she is a fun-loving and daring individual.

Body Characteristics

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The not-so-short model stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 103 lbs/47 kg. Her beauty and excellent personality more than makeup for her imperfection. However, she works in a field where personality and attractiveness are more important than height. Her breast size is 34 inches B, her waist is 24 inches, and her hips are 33 inches, according to her physical measurements. She has the kind of sex appeal that attracts modeling agencies.

Light brown long hair, light brown and grey eyes, and a lovely and attractive model. She is quite stunning and does not need much makeup to bring out her natural beauty. However, due to the demands of her career, which necessitate the use of cosmetics, she always looks stunning in whatever makeup and attire she chooses. Her feet are pretty huge, and she wears a 6.5 shoe size. It has been reported that the attractive model has had cosmetic surgery. She also got breast implants to make her seem more attractive.

Personal Experiences

Ken Nguyen, Dannie Riel’s financial adviser, has been with her for a long time. Her long-term boyfriend and she were planning to be married. However, it has been stated that the pair is no longer together. The cause for their breakup has not been revealed. They came to an agreement to part ways on amicable terms. There is currently no information regarding Riel dating anybody. She is, nonetheless, thought to be a really loving person. She’s on every social media platform imaginable. This makes it easy for her followers and admirers to stay up to date on her daily activities. She enjoys browsing the internet and sending text messages.

Estimated Net Worth

Dannie Riel’s net worth is believed to be about $2 million as of 2018. Modeling gigs provide her with a nice salary. She gets money not just by modeling, but also by throwing parties all around the globe. She aspires to be a billionaire by herself. She makes money via her YouTube channel and her online clothes store in addition to modeling. On the internet, there is a clip from her interview with Dsport magazine that is well worth reading. Her ideal automobile, she said in the interview, is a sultry gun-metal Lotus Elsie. She spends much of her time on her YouTube channel, “The Riel.” She thinks that a person’s road to achievement is paved with hard work and suffering.

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