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Overall: Eden, Descendants of Instinct is a Korean Romance, TV Show (2023). Eden, Descendants of Instinct cast: Lee Hong Ki, Yoon Bo Mi, Simeez. Eden, Descendants of Instinct Love Release Date: 15 November 2023. Eden, Descendants of Instinct Episodes: 10.

TV Show: Eden, Descendants of Instinct (2023)

Main Stars: Lee Hong Ki, Yoon Bo Mi, Simeez

Genres: Romance, TV Show

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Release Date: 15 November 2023

Season: 1

Aired On: Tuesday

Episodes: 10

Also Known As: Eden, Bonneungui Huyedeul , Eden,에덴, 본능의 후예들, Eden, Descendants of Instinct 2023

Interests gushed out and couples were framed in the beachside EDEN house in season one: “EDEN, Relatives of Impulse.” However, presently the intensity will be turned up one more score as another arrangement of male and female singletons heads to the EDEN house – looking for adoration. In EDEN, accepted practices and customs are discarded: Hopefuls address each other casually and without the honorifics normally utilized in the ordinary Korean language. How much data they can find out around each other is likewise restricted, implying that progressive systems can’t shape effectively here!

While the primary season saw the constants having a good time in the sun, the subsequent season guarantees another scope of heartbeat-hustling games and exercises – with a hazier and hotter energy than the main season. Three VIP guides – Lee Hong Ki, Yoon Bo Mi, and Simeez – are available to watch occasions spread out at the EDEN house and give their analysis. With the heartfelt energy turned as far as possible up to 10, can our hosts contain their excitement…as the hopefuls’ chase after adoration strengthens?

Lee Hong Ki as Main Host

Yoon Bo Mi as Main Host

Simeez as Main Host

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