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Ivana Trump is a prominent Czech-American model and television personality who is best known as the ex-wife of Donald Trump, former President of the US, with whom she was part of New York City’s social elite throughout the 1980s.

Because she was Trump’s first wife and he was just a successful businessman at the time, their divorce received a lot of media attention in the 1990s. She is also a businessman, a fashion designer, and an author, having founded two firms, “Ivana Inc.” and “Ivana Haute Couture.” She is a well-known author who has written works such as “The Best Is Yet to Come: Coping With Divorce and Enjoying Life Again.”

Her competition can be shown in everything she does, from skiing as a youngster to her current business pursuits. Ivana, on the other hand, does not currently have any of the social media profiles.


Ivana Trump’s Bio

Ivana Trump was born in Moravian city, Czechoslovakia, on February 20, 1949. Her father, Milo Zelnek, was an electrical engineer, and her mother, Marie Zelnková, worked as a telephone operator. She is of mixed ancestry and was born under the sign of Pisces in the Czech Republic. She was sporty from a young age, thanks to her father’s influence. She began skiing at the age of four and later joined the junior national ski team, which allowed her to travel outside of her hometown. She earned a master’s degree in physical education from Charles University in Prague in 1972.

Highlights of Ivana Trump’s Career

Ivana began her career as a ski teacher in Montreal, where she worked for a few years. She studied English at McGill University and worked as a model for Audrey Morris, a leading modeling agency, as a side job while living in Montreal. During her marriage to Trump, she worked as a top executive for the Trump business. She was also the vice president in charge of the interior design of Trump Tower, which is known for its trademark pink marble. She was also named as the manager of the Plaza Hotel as well as the CEO and president of the Trump Castle Hotel and Casino.

Ivana has always been interested in fashion and modeling. Ivana, Inc. and Ivana Haute Couture were founded by her after her divorce from Donald Trump. Her passion for apparel, fashion jewelry, and beauty items led her to the fashion sector. She advertised her goods on television shopping channels. She took over the house of Ivana, a fashion and fragrance brand in New York, in 1995. She bought a third of Croatia’s second-largest daily newspaper in 1998. In 2005, she was also engaged in a number of condominium developments. She also had a cameo in the feature film “The First Wives Club,” in which she says “The Best Is Yet to Come.” Ivana’s ambitions included not just fashion but also literature. Her passion for writing inspired her to write many books, including “For Love Alone” in 1992, “Free to Love” in 1993, and “The Best Is Yet to Come: Coping with Divorce and Enjoying Life Again” in 1995, all of which she published.

In June 1995, she began writing Ask Ivana, a love and life advice column for Globe. Ivana’s Living in Style, a lifestyle magazine launched by this imaginative writer, was also a hit. In 2017, she also published “rising trump,” an autobiography on her experiences as a mother. She discussed Donald Trump’s background with her and her children.

The romantic life of Ivana Trump

Ivana’s date with numerous guys has spiced up her love life. Alfred Winklmayr, an Austrian ski instructor with whom she married in 1971 to get Austrian citizenship, was her first date. However, she divorced him the next year. After her divorce, she was spotted seeing George Steidl, a songwriter and playwright who died in a vehicle accident in 1973. She moved back to Canada to live with George Syrovatka, her date since 1967. Ivana Trump married Donald Trump, the then-president of the United States, on April 7, 1977. They were well-known couples who collaborated on projects including Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, the Grand Hyatt Hotel’s refurbishment, and the development of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Donald Trump Jr., Ivana Marie Trump, and Eric Trump are the couple’s three children, two boys and one daughter.


When Ivana met Donald Trump’s lover Marla Maples, her relationship with him began to deteriorate. When Donald Trump’s father died in 1990, the relationship was on the brink of divorce, but she remained by his side. Because their divorce was a topic of public attention, multiple headlines in New York tabloid newspapers were published.

She has stated that her relationship with Trump was violent on several occasions. Donald Trump was accused of rape and physical assault by her, and their 14-year marriage ended in divorce in 1990. Ivana’s divorce settlement includes $14 million, a 45-room Connecticut estate, a Trump Plaza condominium, and one month at Mar-a-Lago every year.

In November 1995, Ivana married Riccardo Mazzucchelli, an Italian entrepreneur and multinational businessman. However, they divorced after just two years of marriage. From 1997 until 2005, she dated Italian nobleman Count Roffredo Gaetani dell’Aquila d’Aragona Lovatelli, who died in 2005.

On April 12, 2008, she married Italian actor and model Rossano Rubicondi, which was hosted by her ex-husband Donald Trump, and her daughter Ivanka Trump served as her maid of honor. Although their marriage did not last long, their on-again, off-again relationship lasted until 2019. Ivana Trump is not dating anybody as of 2021.

Ivana Trump’s net worth

She has successfully grown her firm into a vast empire in the fashion sector after establishing her two businesses. Her career, which began as a ski instructor, soared to the top, with her dedication to her profession earning her millions of dollars and establishing her as one of the wealthiest woman entrepreneurs in the world.

Ivana’s net worth

She also made a living as a novelist, publishing a number of novels. Her significant net worth is due to her association with Donald Trump, who gave her $25 million in cash and their Greenwich, Connecticut property as part of their divorce settlement.

She was also offered the choice of a cash settlement of $22 million for a new property in Greenwich. She was also given $650,000 in yearly child support until all three of her children became 18 years old. Her Instagram fan page shows up her opulent lifestyle.

Height and Weight of Ivana Trump

She has a beautiful personality and physical shape due to her early days as a model and fashion influencer. She stands at an average height of 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 57 kilograms (127 pounds). Her physical measurements were 34-28-38 inches, indicating that she was a fitness fanatic. This stunning lady is now in her early seventies, with lovely brown eyes and blonde hair.

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