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Katharina Reich is an Austrian doctor who serves as the head of the government’s Covid crisis coordination unit, “GECKO.” Since December 2022, she has served as General Director for Public Health and head of the Ministry of Social Affairs’ Public Health and Health System Section, which was founded by former Minister Rudolf Anschober. Katharina Reich will now lead the government’s new “GECKO” (Nationwide Covid Crisis Coordination) organization. She will be in charge of the medical and scientific side of “GECKO” (Striedinger will be in charge of the logistical side), which will in the future coordinate immunization, testing, and medication orders across the country.

What does Katharina Reich have a reputation for?

Being a doctor from Austria.

As the head of the government’s Covid crisis coordinating organization, “GECKO.”

Katharina Reich’s origins.

In the year 1978, Katharina Reich was born. She was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. She is of Austrian descent and belongs to the Austrian-White ethnic group. More information about her parents, siblings, and zodiac signs is yet to be revealed. Her religious affiliation is Christian. She received her schooling at the Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder Wien (2004–2007) and the Medical University of Vienna (2003). As of 2022, she is 43 years old. She is a general practitioner who has also undergone emergency medicine training. She concentrated on anesthesia, internal medicine, and emergency medicine during her training. Dr. Reich worked in the Barmherzigen Brüder hospital in Vienna from 2004 to 2007. Since before her studies, she has had a professional connection to the hospital in Leopoldstadt. Dr. Reich will be followed by Ing. Mario Veil, who will devote himself to expanded responsibilities in the in-house laboratory and within the laboratory network “Lab Group” in the future.

Timeline of Katharina Reich’s Career

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After completing her studies at the MedUni in Vienna, Katharina Reich began her career with the Brothers of Mercy. From 2013 to 2018, she served as the medical director of a hospital in Vienna.

She then became deputy medical director of the Hietzing Clinic at the Vienna Health Association, where she was in charge of operations in the Corona crisis team. She then moved into politics, becoming the head of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs’ health branch in 2022.

Katharina Reich was named Head of Section VII (Public Health and Health System) at the Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care, and Consumer Protection by then Federal Minister Rudolf Anschober in December 2022. The position of General Director for Public Health (Chief Medical Officer), which Reich also holds as the current Section Head, is linked to the function of Section VII management. She will now be in charge of the new “GECKO” company (Nationwide Covid Crisis Coordination). She questioned whether vaccinated persons were “off the hook” in 2022, contradicting former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s (VP) claims that there was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” “I appreciate accepting responsibility,” she once stated when asked why she was doing the job of Chief Medical Officer in the Department of Health.

“Omikron is fast, we have to be faster,” she stated now. As a result, pandemic management must be restructured. One advantage is that high-quality test, immunization, and procurement structures are already in place. However, you’ll need to coordinate technical competence and operational implementation more closely.

Katharina Reich will soon take over the Germany-wide coordination of vaccinations, tests, and medication orders after taking over the medical-scientific side of “GECKO” (Striedinger will take over the logistic side).

What about Katharina Reich’s personal life? Is she married?

Katharina Reich is a closed book when it comes to her personal life since she has never spoken publicly about her husband, partner, dating past, or indiscretions. As a result, her marital status is currently unknown. She is, nonetheless, content with her current situation. Her sexual orientation is that of a straight woman.

Katharina Reich’s Net worth.

Katharina Reich is a doctor who presently serves as the head of the government’s Covid crisis coordinating organization, GECKO. According to reports, Katharina Reich’s net worth is estimated to be between $500K and $3 million as of 2022. Although her annual income is unknown, there is no doubt in the minds of her fans that she earns a substantial sum of money from her profession. Her riches are derived from her work as a doctor. She now maintains a modest lifestyle.

Katharina Reich’s Height.

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Katharina Reich is a stunning woman with a thin figure. She is the perfect height for her body weight. Her particular body measures, such as shoe size, height, and weight, have yet to be revealed. Overall, she has a healthy body and is careful of her food intake at this time.

What If I Told You…

Katharina Reich is an Austrian actress.

She attended the Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder Wien (2004–2007) and graduated with honors.

After completing her education at the MedUni in Vienna, she began her profession with the Brothers of Mercy.

She will be the new “GECKO” president (Nationwide Covid Crisis Coordination).

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