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Kim Hyo Yeon, brought into the world in Incheon, likewise known as DJ HYO, is a South Korean vocalist, artist, DJ, TV character, and individual from the young lady bunch Young ladies’ Age, and later its subgroup Young ladies’ Age Oh! GG. Beginning around 2016, she has likewise delivered singles as an independent craftsman.

At 11 years old, she tried out for SM Diversion through SM 2000 Projecting Framework. Kim’s conventional dance preparation began in primary school. At her local’s little hip-bounce school, she learned Hip-Jump, Jazz, and Latin dance. In 1999, she signed up for Champs Dance School, a popular dance school in South Korea gaining practical experience in popping, locking, movement, and different other hip-bounce styles. At school, she met Miss A’s Min, with whom she framed the dance group Little Victors (리틀위너스). The couple performed at different features and was highlighted by in 2004.

Prior to appearing with Young ladies’ Age, she was BoA’s outline artist during an exhibition at the KM Live concert in 2005. Kim formally appeared as an individual from Young ladies’ Age, a South Korean young lady bunch shaped by SM Diversion, in August 2007.

First Name: Hyo Yeon

Native Name: 김효연

Also Known as: Hyoyeon, Kim Hyo Yun

Nationality: South Korean

Gender: Female

Born: 22 September 1989

Age: 33

Height: 1.6 m

Extreme Debut: Wild Idol (2023)

Drink with God Season 2 (2023)

Yuri’s Winning Recipe 2 (2023)

Dong Dong Shin Ki (2020)

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