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Lee Kyung Young is a South Korean actor. He additionally wrote and directed the movies “The Gate of Destiny” and “The Beauty in Dream.”

He debuted in 1977 and became a public relations actor for the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in 1982 after finishing his mandatory navy provider. He turned into a voice actor for a year then back to KBS in 1983.

In 2002, Lee changed into blacklisted through MBC considering that he became arrested in 2001 for having intercourse with a minor. MBC lifted the ban in 2023, casting him in a distinguished aid function in The Veil.

First Name: Kyung Young

Native Name: 이경영

Also Known as: Lee Kyoung Young, Lee Kyeong Yeong, Lee Geung Young, Lee Geung Yeong

Nationality: South Korean

Gender: Male

Born: 12 December 1960

Age: 61

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