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Overall: Seasons of Blossom is a Korean Comedy, Romance, Drama (2022). Seasons of Blossom cast: Seo Ji Hoon, So Ju Yeon, Kim Min Kyu. Seasons of Blossom Release Date: 21 September 2022. Seasons of Blossom Episodes: 16.

Drama: Seasons of Blossom (2022)

Director: Wang Hye Ryung

Writer: Park Yoon Sung

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Main Stars: Seo Ji Hoon, So Ju Yeon, Kim Min Kyu

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Release Date: 21 September 2022

Season: 1

Aired On: Wednesday

Episodes: 16

Also Known As: Youth Blossom , Cheongchun Beullasseom , Cheongchunbeullasseom , 청춘블라썸, 청춘 블라썸, Seasons of Blossom 2022

An account of adoration and kinship between five secondary school understudies from Seoyeon High School.

Lee Ha Min seems like a splendid individual, however there is likewise obscurity inside his psyche. Han So Mang is a thoughtful individual, however she is likewise very hesitant. Lee Jae Min is a famous understudy with an excruciating past. He is thoughtful to everybody around him. Yoon Bo Mi is a sweet, model understudy. Choi Jin Young loves messing around. He can appear to be disagreeable and has a fragile character.

Seo Ji Hoon as Lee Ha Min

So Ju Yeon as Han So Mang

Kim Min Kyu as Lee Jae Min

Kang Hye Won as Yoon Bo Mi

Yoon Hyun Soo as Choi Jin Young

Additional Cast

Oh Ga Bin as Jo Gyu ri

Oh Yu Jin as Kang Seon Hui

Hong Dong Young as Lee Jae Min Child

Kwon Ye Eun as Kang Seon Hui Child

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