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TWO-SIDE GAMERS is a gaming channel run by cousins Jash Dhoka and Ritik Jain and play live games together on the channel and keep their fans entertained with engaging commentary. They live-stream the game Garena Free Fire Daily (downloaded game in the world, in the year 2020). This is India’s first duo gaming channel. A young pair of gamers are scaling new heights of success on YouTube, making their channel one of the top gaming channels in India. His YouTube channel ‘TWO-SIDE GAMERS’ has garnered 8.24 million subscribers and 1,202,622,135 views, which is a rare feat, especially in the gaming category.

The success of Ritik and Jash has stunned several of YouTube’s top creators, who tag the youth as ‘inspirational characters’ for new YouTubers. With over 8 million subscribers, TWO-SIDE GAMERS is now one of the largest and most successful channels for live streaming games like Garena Free Fire and GTA V. Irrespective of the COVID-19 pandemic, the duo has been actively live-streaming gaming content for their growing fan base of customers. Apart from doing prank videos and vlogging, he also plays a lot of games on his channel.

Recognized as ‘India’s first duo gaming channel’, they often provide gaming tips as well. “Being brothers, we used to play games together and intend to start a channel on YouTube. As soon as the Garena Free Fire game was introduced as a multi-player game, we wasted no time in live streaming it,” stated Ritik. Feeding the soul of their passion for gaming with frequent streaming sessions, Jash and Ritik have not compromised on their education. “We are focusing more on gaming but we have not given up on our studies. We know this will come in handy as we progress in our careers,” Jash said with a smile.

More Details About TWO-SIDE GAMERS

Interestingly, TWO-SIDE GAMERS also upload music videos on their channel. Premiered on 1st July 2020 (Wednesday), his music video ‘The TSG Song – Full Power’ has garnered over 5.1 million views so far. In addition, he is one of the first gamers to collaborate with hip-hop legend ‘Says on the Beat’ and label ‘Abulient Play’ to create a peppy song.

Considering the ever-increasing views on his videos, his channel has garnered 567 million views so far, the number could be higher when you are reading this. What has contributed more to his huge success is his engaging and exciting storytelling style while playing the game. This has had a significant impact on turning his channel into a brand on YouTube.

Regarding things like building a screen presence, creating content for social media, and getting sponsorships. The two talked a lot about Aman Garg and Anirudh Nagpal (co-founders of Ebullient Gaming) who have done it all for them professionally. managed. Specifically, Ebullient Gaming is an e-sports and talent management company that specializes in professional gamers and streamers.

However, the success was not immediate. Like all YouTubers, they had to apply to the site’s partner program to earn money from the ads running on their videos. To earn partner status, a channel needs 1,000 subscribers, and people need to watch 4,000 hours of video in the past 12 months.

Ritik says that he earned very little per month initially. It wasn’t until one of his videos went viral and the number of subscribers increased that he realized the money-making potential of YouTube. In addition to advertising revenue, they earn money by partnering with brands to promote their products or services in their videos and from members paying fees for access to exclusive content and privileges.

TWO-SIDE GAMERS Earning & More

Today, they are earning seven-figure per month. While young gamers are constantly working to make their channel more competitive and enjoyable. Apart from this, he also represented India in ‘Free Fire’ tournaments in Indonesia and Thailand. It is worth noting that the channel which was launched in September 2018 is a huge success today. Jash and Ritik keep on playing the game, live streaming on YouTube, and watching the growth of their channel every day.

Teen gamers are advised to keep aspiring Youtubers focused on their content and avoid controversies as it will not be of any help in the long run. He says, after all, content is the king of everything you do on YouTube. Ritik and Jash’s in-game names are TSG冬RITIK and TSG冬Jash respectively.


They represented India in the eSports Free Fire Champions Cup tournament organized by Garena Free Fire Asia in association with Esports in Jakarta, Indonesia in August 2019 and Bangkok, Thailand in the same year.

TSG Ritik’s Stats

TWO-SIDE GAMERS (TSG) Ritik has so far played 9447 matches in the squad mode and has emerged booyahs in 1955 of them, with a win percentage of 20.69%. Ritik has killed 22756 enemies at an amazing K/D ratio of 3.04. When it comes to the duo mode, the content creator has played 2272 matches and has 251 booyahs. Ritik also has killed 4318 enemies with a good K/D ratio of 2.14. TSG Ritik has 53 booyahs from the 842 solo matches Ritik has played. In the ongoing ranked season, TSG Ritik has played a single solo match and 200 squad matches. Ritik has 51 wins in the squad mode and has killed 745 enemies with a sublime K/D ratio of five.

TSG Jash’s Stats

TWO-SIDE GAMERS (TSG) Jash has played a total of 6746 games in the squad mode and has booyahs in 1605 matches, with a win rate of 23.79. Jash has killed 16081 enemies at an awesome K/D ratio of 3.13. The YouTuber also has 250 wins in 2441 duo matches, which comes down to a win percentage of 10.24. Jash also has killed 4797 enemies with a good K/D ratio of 2.19. Jash has 108 booyahs in 1320 solo matches. The content creator has also killed 3066 opponents in this mode. In the ongoing ranked season, TSG Jash is placed in the Heroic rank. Jash has played 146 games and has booyahs on 45 occasions. Jash has killed 466 opponents in the process, with an amazing K/D ratio of 4.61. TSG Jash has also played a single solo match.

TWO-SIDE GAMERS Wiki, Real Name & More

Wiki, Real Name, Biography & More
Real Names Ritik Jain, Jash Dhoka
Profession YouTuber, Gamer
Style Gaming
Date Joined 19th September 2018 (Wednesday)
Schedule Daily
Status Active
Associates Neon Man
Subscribers 8.24M subscribers
Views 1,202,622,135 views
Videos 900+
First Video Date 31 October 2018
Social Media & Others Instagram, Discord
Channels Two-Side Gamers (Main), Jash Dhoka, TWO SIDE SHORTS, TSG ARMY, Ritik Jain, Two Side Foodies
Views 1,202,622,135
Salary/Income Monthly Salary/Income-$7.7K – $122.6K

Yearly Salary/Income-$91.9K – $1.5M

Net Worth $2.29 Million (INR 16 Crores)


Ritik Jain UID-124975352, Guild-TSG Army, Level-76, Likes-20k+

Jash Dhoka UID-123643969, Guild-TSG Army, Level-71, Likes-15k+

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