Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Hated | Why do people hate Justin

The reasons why Some People may hate justin bieber because he’s acting immature, but you can’t really blame him for it. He has all the perfect variables for chaos.

Not only is he extremely famous, but he is EXTREMELY RICH too. This wealth and success has placed a hot spotlight on him (no pun intended), and with his wealth, no one gets to tell him what to do (even if it would keep him from looking like a moron).

As a result, a wealthy teenager with a big ego and an even bigger fan-base to feed his ego is acting like an immature teenager. He has no limits, thanks to his money, and his mistakes sell more tabloids than Miley Cyrus. Because of this, he has a pack of paparazzi who follow him everywhere, pushing his buttons, just waiting for him to wear something or do something stupid which they can then sell to others.

Reasons for hate against Bieber can be classified into several types-

1- He did stupid stuff when he was young (this reason for hate against him is quite rational)

From leaving his pet monkey in Germany to stupid car wrecks , he’s done it all . But C’mon he was a young teenager with shitloads of cash, however this doesnt justify his stupid acts but it surely explains them !

2. He had a high pitched voice which the haters quote as ‘feminine’ (now this reason is pure crap)

it is quite evident that the Canadian pop-star had a high pitched voice when he first started his career AT THE AGE OF 14 (the time when a guy is just hitting or about to hit puberty) i guess that explains it. Even if someone has a high pitched voice , it is considered more of a good quality, because it naturally gives you an upper hand in the ‘vocal range’ department !

3 . Solely because others hate him(i mean, seriously?)

half of the people who hate JB hate him because others do ! they think its ‘uncool’ to listen to his songs because others make fun of him . It can be better explained by humans’ need for affiliation and belongingness in the society .

4. people think he only makes chick-music(which girls generally like)

He makes ‘Pop Music’ which everyone generally likes(except for metal-heads because they like going all technical) and no doubt all this fame,money and his music makes teenage girls (most of them) go crazy over him ! see ? was that so hard to understand !

5. some say that he doesn’t know shit about music and ridicule him by saying that his music makes their ears bleed and his music is hard to listen to .

honestly , he sings pretty good ! and before you start roasting me on this point , stream this !