Requirements for Canada spouse visa 2022

Requirements for Canada spouse visa 2022

The spouse must be currently enrolled in a designated learning institute

The spouse must be eligible for a Post-graduation work permit after completing study in Canada

You must be in a genuine relationship with your spouse

You must have enough funds to support your Canada open work permit application.

Requirements for Canada spouse visa 2022

There are basically three requirements the applicants need to meet which are categorised as below

  • Partner sponsor eligibility requirements
  • Relation bona fides requirements
  • Financial requirements for the applicant

Below is the detailed explanation of all the above 3 requirements of Canada student dependent visa. Students must take care that they meet all the below eligibility requirements to increase the success chances of their application.

Requirement 1 – Canada student spouse visa 2022 Partner sponsor eligibility

This is the requirement your partner who is sponsoring you and who is on a Canada study visa is required to meetThese are mandatory conditions the applicant’s spouse needs to meet. Not fulfilling these requirements would make you ineligible to apply for a Canada spouse visa as a dependent of a student visa holder

The first and foremost is that your spouse must have a valid Canada student visa. As you are applying on the basis of your spouse this requirement must be met. Also, take note of the duration of the Canada study visa of your spouse when you file your dependent spouse visa application. If the visa duration left is less let’s say 6 months then it may not be feasible to apply for your spouse visa at this time. It is highly advisable that your spouse extends his/ her visa and then you apply for your application. Applicants may avail the services of an expert and experienced agent to know more about this.

The second requirement is that your spouse must be enrolled in a designated learning institute. Now there is a difference between having a Canada study visa and being enrolled in a designated learning institute. The sponsoring spouse in Canada must have a current enrolment letter with the college/ University. If your spouse is not currently enrolled in a course then despite having Canada study visa your Canada dependent spouse visa application may be refused. The reason may be that your spouse is not currently enrolled in a DLI.

Requirement 2 – Relationship Bona Fides

This is a very important aspect the applicants must meet. Failure to meet relationship bona fides may result in refusal of your applicationYou must be legally married and have the proof of your marriage. Here the applicants must note that only a marriage certificate may not be enough. You need to provide extensive documentation to prove genuinity and stability of the relationship. Applicants may consult the best Canada student spouse visa consultants in case they are looking for guidance about their application.

Generally the applicants may be required to provide documentation which proves that their marriage has taken place as per the customs and traditions of the culture they belong to. The applicants may need to provide extensive documentation to evidence this. Along with your application provide evidence that your relationship is

  • Publically recognised
  • That you have entered into this relationship with the intent of maintain it on a long term basis.

To prove this you may be required to evidence your personal circumstances in form of documentation. Your consultant may help you with this part of the application. It would be advisable to take the services of an experienced counsellor as he would be in a better position to guide you properly.

Requirement 3 Financial requirements for applicant

This is the third requirement and equally important. Along with your sponsor meeting the sponsorship requirements and the couple meeting the bona fides requirement for Canada dependent visa the applicant must also show funds as the part of their visa application. The applicant needs to have proof of enough funds to support while in Canada. It is not only enough to have funds. The applicants must also specifically explain that those funds would be available for them while in Canada. They need to have proof that the funds would genuinely be available for you. Applicants may need to have an amount of about 5 to 6 lakh to support their application.  These funds must be held into your account and must be old. If the funds are recent then this may give an impression that you have put this money for your Canada dependent spouse visa application which be not be desirable as it may increase the chances of refusal of your application. If the funds supporting your application are recent then it is advised that you provide the source from where that money came from. Without source there are high chances that this may have negative impact on your application. Further to this any source may not be OK. The source must be a genuine source which can be verified.