Rice Flour Benefits for Skin Whitening

How to whiten the skin naturally, and a recipe to do this yourself at home.

1. If you would like to whiten your skin tone, there is no need to use harmful chemicals or products.

2. The following recipe is very easy to make at home and can lighten your skin within 7 days.

You Will Need: 4 Tablespoons Rice Flour 4 Tablespoons Plain Flour 8 Tablespoons Goats Milk Thick Tissues.

Method to make rice flour face pack: Mix the flours and milk together in a small bowl. Apply this thick mixture all over the area you wish to whiten on the skin. Be sure put lots on. Dip the thick tissue into some more goat’s milk, and wrap this over the top of the mixture on the skin. It is important that you do not scrub the mixture. Simply let it sit on the skin, covered by the tissue until it is dry. This can take around 30-45 minutes. Wash using a gentle soap, and repeat this once a day for a week. You will see some wonderful results in no time.

3. The lactic acid works to gently remove old cells from the top layers of your skin, making it lighter and much softer.

4. This also works to treat acne scars, pigmentation and skin discolouration.

5. Many people love this recipe on the hands, arms and face to see some wonderful results very quickly.

6. If you wish to lighten the underarms, please see our video using honey and charcoal.