Rose Petals Health Benefits For Skin and Weight Loss

The health benefits and uses of Rose Petals

1. Roses are known as one of the most romantic flowers in the world, but they also have some uses and health benefits which you may not be aware of.

2. Rose petals come from the perennial flowering plant called genus Rosa. There are over a hundred different species, with different colours.

3. You can eat these beautiful flowers to enjoy some wonderful flavours, and add them as a garnish to foods such as salads.

4. Some varieties taste sweet like strawberries, with the flavour stronger in darker coloured leaves. Others may be sour and work well with yoghurt.

5. Like most plants, rose petals contain compounds which speed up digestion, helping with weight loss.

6. They are also used as an aphrodisiac for those with sexual problems.

7. Roses can be crushed to release the natural oils. You can inhale this in order to deal with depression and stress.

8. They contain calcium, vitamins C, B and K.

9. Be sure to only eat rose petals from organic or homegrown roses. Do not use roses from a florist as these often are sprayed with preserving fluids.

10. Be sure to thoroughly wash the petals before consumption.

11. Rose petals are also crystallised for use in cake decorations. You can purchase these from baking stores.

12. If you would like to make a romantic gesture to your loved one, spread rose petals throughout the room and give them a surprise candlelit dinner.

13. They are also used to make rose essential oil, and this is known as an antiseptic. It is also antiviral and can prevent spasms in the muscles.

14. You can eat rose petals on toast with a little olive oil and cheese. This is a great way of adding colour and extra flavour to an otherwise boring meal.

15. You can also take a jar of honey, and add separated rose petals. Allow these to infuse for a week or two. People will be impressed by your creativity!

16. If you suffer from dry or irritated skin. Take the petals of 2-3 rosebuds and soak in a small amount of water overnight. You can apply this to the face, arms, neck etc… This will also help to clear up any skin infections.