Sambong Leaves Health benefits: Famous Herbal Remedy

The health benefits and uses of Sambong Leaves  

1. Sambong leaves are grown in Asia and have been used as a natural medicine for hundreds of years.   These are traditionally used in Chinese Medicine, Malay Folk Medicine and Indian Ayurveda to fight the common cold and many other ailments.  

2. This is also considered a weed by many people who are not aware of its fantastic sambong benefits for the human body.  

3. They are commonly steeped in hot water to make a healthy tea or can be purchased dried in capsule form.  

4. These leaves have a diuretic effect which helps to flush out and detox the urinary system of the body. They are most notably used to treat the symptoms of kidney disease and to get rid of kidney stones.  

5. They are recommended by the Philippines National Kidney and Transplant Institute for slowing the progress or kidney disease before the need for dialysis.  

6. Drinking the sambong tea works well for getting rid of urinary tract infections, or bacterial infections within the urinary system.  

7. Like other diuretics, it is a natural way to lower blood pressure and helps to protect the body from cardiovascular disease, stroke and DNA damage.  

8. It can be used as an astringent to treat cuts and wounds, helping your skin to heal faster.  

9. Sambong is also very soothing for the digestive system and can be used to get rid of diarrhoea.  

10. It is also used as a food source in the Philippines and is added as a vegetable source to delicious meals.  

11. Women who suffer from PMS can take these capsules to help relieve the pain and create a smoother, less difficult cycle. It reduces menstrual cramps, bloating and excessive pain.  

12. The tea can be gargled after it has been left to cool. This quickly soothes a sore throat and reduces symptoms of a cold.  

13. The high amount of antioxidants within the leaf improves liver function, helping it to purify the body from toxins.  

14. It is an anti-bacterial, and antifungal agent which treats a great range of bodily infections such as e-coli.  

15. If you are suffering from a cold, drinking the tea form of sambong is very useful. It opens the airways and allows for a more steady airflow to reduce coughing and mucus.  

16. You can also purchase this in powdered form to make the tea easily at home. Simply add 1 teaspoon into hot water and allow it to steep for 15 minutes. Drink around 3 cups of sambong tea per day to trigger the benefits listed above.