SEO Tutorial – Meta Tags, Content Quality, Page Speed

SEO is a very important part of every site. A well-done SEO job can display your website at the top of Search Engine Results Page and you can get tons of clicks organically.

SEO Tutorial for Beginners

SEO is not just one element, as you may have already learned. It has many parts such as Meta Tags, Content Quality, Page Speed, Back Link, Website Designs, etc. And you need to focus on all of these parts to do well in SEO.

You need the right plugins and strategy to succeed in the SEO game. Here I’m going to share some of my favorite plugins and some practical tips, that will help you. I’ve tested and installed them on my websites to get better SEO results. and they’re showing giving me what I want from them.

  • Meta Tags: You should use proper title tag, description tag, alt tags in your content.
    • Title tags should be less than 70 characters. It should, of course, be short, unique, concise and catchy. It’s supposed to tell you what the client is going to get when they tap on it.
    • Description tags should describe what the page is about in 160 characters. This will be displayed on the search engine results page.
    • Give your images and videos alt tags, Because the search engine crawlers can’t read your images, So, they need alt tags to understand what the image/video is about.
  • Content Quality
    • Images: You should use images that are properly resized, and should match the tone of your content. To do that you need WP Paint which can help you crop, resize, rotate, flip, apply blur, gradient, adjust brightness, contrast, etc to your images easily.
    • Proper format: Your content should be properly formatted. You should use proper H1, H2…H6, bullet points where required.
    • Easy to understand: Create content which is easier to understand, High-value content is easier to be shared and people love to read.
  • Page Speed

Page Speed is an important factor. You must work on this with WP cache and other optimization plugins

  • Back Link

Plugins cannot help you in creating backlinks. Correct me if I am wrong. You need to create connections with other websites. Create quality content that people will love to share.

  • Website Design

Website Design is related to User Experience, The more engaging, fast your website will be the more it will appeal to the users. You need fast themes and responsive ones.