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[Intro: Scally Milano]


Shit, Water burn so bright


[Verse 1: Scally MIlano]

I cheat people day and night on the phone, but I’m Kid Cudi

You didn’t fuck chicks – you are the day and a night on PornHub’e (Schmuck)

I say shit on a beat, yes, my rap is obscene

Stop fucking on me, I’ll give you a fuck (Pau)

Got one for a week on Altcoin

Boy, I know your rap and the truth is antonyms.

It’s not five k’s in your hands, fucking, are you color blind?

Bro says you have to be popular and do tectonics

More precisely TikTok’i

On my phone tracker, I know when the cops are around

Some guy says I’m his brother – boy, who are you?

Give me, someone, counter, I can’t count the banknotes

My ex is rich, fucking in the mouth, I’m offended

After all, I could not fucking do and live like a nit (Nit)

Boy, you have a couple of methods, but I have methods book

Where are your grandmothers, about which you talked, fucking, they are not visible (Where are they?)

I’m like a pastry chef in my hands a large horn

I didn’t wash my dick for three days I have a podgy curd

Fuck, I won’t say

it. , and let’s move on.

Right in the office of the cop, I smoked two grams.

Near me forever, Lil Baby, fucking, I’m like Gunna. I

killed a type on Monday, and on Tuesday I’m already in the temple

. My chick has only two friends – Dolce & Gabbana

Damn, fuck on

my lungs My girlfriend wanted to die when she deleted her everywhere

Killed like in my car and then drowned her in the river

Chel, your rap is not near – it’s somewhere in the distance

[Verse 2: 163ONMYNECK]

Who’s there fucking shit – you’re just losers

Gave a blow to the Asian, his eyes narrowed even more (Nihao)

Four are such a bul-bul-bul-bul in my belly

In you principles, as in an old man – you yourself load yourself (Relax)

I’m in the kitchen with my bro, and we pack shit

One bag to this one, another bag to that

You don’t rap what you lived with – you carry bullshit

I have bars, like in the centers, I will drown in them (Shcha will legendary flow, free Rio)

But I don’t drink alcohol

Chel turned on my track, I first heard the sound of kakahi (Bae-eh)

In this gang of rappers – fifty percent of delirium and fear

Why do they want to fuck with me so much, probably because of neglect (That’s so gay)

Stick dick in a four-day

If you want him to stay with you, don’t put it in the electronics. The

hour was treating his brow, that his Reebok is a crap, like color blindness

Checked Direct, threw the bucks to eat for a

Damn fan , damn, I sleep on those boring brows.

My girl rode horses, she has a pain in her whole body

Tim Belorusskikh has failed, because the case has been closed on him

SEEMEE stared at your bitch, at first I thought she sang like that (Ay-ay-ay)

Well, like, very loudly

How so, I don’t come to plug ‘ u, but he has a break

I asked your favorite rapper for the style, but the answer was crumpled

This would not make sense if I was not joking (Ha)

Damn, yes, I’m a shit since childhood

If I were different – dick I would raise the dough

There are so many boys in your bitch, don’t you feel cramped?

My ex became somebody’s fiance today

[Verse 3: Fearmuch]

And I heard that you are fucking scammers.

Even cooler than the types on the wire from the camera (Olle?)

In words, you are all on the dough, like privateers.

But as soon as they get it, you call your mother (Woo )

You are red-eyed as a turn on Darnitsa

Sat face down on a chair, because your fucking ass is

Listening to your fucking – how to look at the sun

Here Fearmuch decides to move like a chicken, rushing

You take money for feats, oh, what kind of commerce you

are on every track one-legged marathon runner (Nothing)

And from my palm half a den feeds

My little beauty blogger – no, she’s an escort (Hell yeah)

Bro has 50k in my bag, I have a bag for 50k

In it Jarakhov and two rumpled dozens

All your feats are someone with someone.To

check out your hits, a floppy disk is enough for me

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