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Arca Lethargy Lyrics – Lethargy Lyrics Written By Arca, Song From KICK ii Album, Song Sung By Artist Arca, Released On 30 November 2022 And Music Label By XL Recordings.

Letra de “Lethargy”

Dale flow, dale
Que dale flow, dale papi
Dale flow, dale
Dale flow, dale
Dale, mami, flow dale
Dale flow, mami
Dale, dale flow, mami
Dembow, mami
Dembow, mami
Baby let’s go, papi
Let’s roll, mami
Let’s go, papi
Let’s, let’s, let’s roll, papi
Let’s, let’s, let’s show, papi
Dembow dale, dale bien slow
Dale dale reggaeaton
Dale, dale bien slow, mami
Dale bien, bien, bien potente
Dembow, mami
Dembow, papi
Y qué, sácate
Dame, dámelo
Quema, quema, quémalo (quémalo)
Quémalo, quema, quémalo
Quema, quema, quémalo
Quema tó’, quema tó’
Quema, quema, quema tó’
Qué to-to-to-to
Quemé tó, quemé, quemé to
Dale flow, dale
Dale flow, dale
Quémalo dale, dale, quémalo
Ey quémalo, dale, dale quémalo
Cuidado, cuidado, cuidado
Cuidado, cuidado, cuidado
Uno verde
Verde, verde, verde, ver-
Written By: Arca

Details About Lethargy Song

Song Title: Lethargy
Artist: Arca
Written By: Arca
Produced By: Arca
Release Date: November 30, 2022
Music Label: XL Recordings

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