Song edg 87 kl yo lyrics in english

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Ho-ho Lui!

Ho-ho Lui!

[Verse 1: KL]

Two men with C in the bushes

Skang on me and I wanted it (…)

Can’t trust that kepi

Bitch gives top and don’t comfort me

Tooka pack smoking

Back die (…) aim for his eyes

All your cancer raps are a lie

Kil I can see it in you (…)

Y- yo, back that beef for my bro

I run on opp and I make him do(…)

I’m not often on that dang

I run on block for my fucking bread

AR rides in fotto with snow

Man ain’t time for a cancer how

I’m on that dang with bro

I catch an opp, I tell that man “yo”

Yo- yo, what’s your cancer mo

I press that cancer (…) in you still

I’m with Tella, we’re looking for dough

That man comes here with a master(…)

Flip no white in that cancer pan

I put me hash on that cancer weegie

Cancer fibber I know you don’t break

You’re never on dam and you do

n’t eat Do n’t know gang working with your peki

Get a pizza döner at steaky

Spin a spliff I’ll make that thot bakey

Boss your gouge , I don’t even breaky

Tell me, why are those opps shakey? (tell me)

Tell me why are those opps shakey?

He backs them rambz and he gets insecure Was

n’t sure if he was going to sting

I’ve had enough of all those pranks

Brother I’ve been talking to satan

I walk in my flip flops ten toes

KL find me in the eight-seven

Two shanks on me I can share them

With bro ’cause that man ain’t got one like

I’m that demon quaff

Pirate gang, I’m walking with my bossfers

Satan step, I keep saying it

Hop off gang, we’re going to get that man

I’m looking for a job

Shut up, I don’t talk to cops

He’s doing the dash his own block

My goon that puts that slice in your head

[Verse 2: TY]

Oppboy dashy, dashy on deck ( where you going? )

We wanna save him

Lok that pussyboy to the stairs

Blow on him with loaded CZ

Come to my ends, OG cut in the neck

I’ll get you Patek i have TIB ( stash )

Tool in back when i run on you ( where you going ? )

I flatten that dude

Fuck ‘m up I dance on his grave ( ching ching )

Walk with big man shank

G’really use it , don’t chit-chat

Djoek ‘m down in my own ends

When I jump out gang out that four-door whip

Blow on him and his lightskin bitch

What the fuck they are really on nothing

Hop out the ride with a fuck-off stick

Scorpion lights up your fucking crib Take

cover before it hits you

Or rammy in bag I’ll shove in your head

Don’t come step on my block

Or chill in the night, do the kikkebop

I jump off that ped, I make that opp red

Get it over, [?] LS back

Make drill, but chill in trap

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