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I Wish Lyrics by Kodak Black from “Back For Everything” album is the latest English song also produced by Kodak Black. I Wish Lyrics are written by Kodak Black.

I Wish Lyrics

I was cuffin’ out with pill
‘Cause he ain’t ‘posed to be outside, period
I was rockstar, blowin’ my bank
I was tryna get a hold of my paper
[?] can’t holla at [?]
Screaming “Lil’ kid,” and twistin’ out bangers
Screaming “Lil’ kid,” and then everybody win
They know who get it lit in the bity
They know who get it lit in the city
Pussy boy cappin’ his hitters is finished
Can’t nobody say shit about Syk
That my brother, he wrong or he right
And ’bout Mac, I don’t wanna hear none
Even though my dawg skinny and ugly
Call Riko, I know that he comin’
Lil Robert gon’ get to that money
Play with me, this shit go, dummy
The robbers won’t chill ’til they’ll get to that money
Poppin’ Percs, three and a half
I can’t fuck ’cause I keep seein’ red
Having motion, I’m tryna sell bread
Eating motion, I’m tryna sell bread
That nigga switched out on everybody
When I did him I did him like that
Mac and Riko my stepbrothers
All of us brothers and all of us gon’ step
We get it done and we gon’ have some fun
[?] somebody else and they gon’ [?]
I’m aggressive, I ball on my [?]
And I’m still out here [?]
Blue Lamborghini, I’m

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Song Credits:
Song: I Wish Lyrics
Singer: Kodak Black
Lyrics: Kodak Black
Music: Kodak Black

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