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[Introduction: Luna Stefanović , Marcelo]

Everyone listen to this living legend: There

will be so many of us left to stand under the plum tree

And when there are only three of us under the plum tree

Two will say to each other: “You are a traitor!”

While they were arguing, the third main

Gore atop the crown of plums will steal

And since poor tree can not nobody Gulf

Dried skapaće, and pushing me

and then ask people what is so … and they shrugged and said:

“A jeeebiga.”

[Verse 1: Marcelo]

Fuck, fuck – overwhelmed with the “fuck”

You ask a man where the spine, he tells you: “Fuck

What am I myself, fuck it, I’m single, poor, unimportant

I do not ask, but I’m a little i selfish

Tol’ko am concerned that acts as a carefree

spit, but quietly, and vote the same, because – fuck it

I would’ve broke a little, a little, and not ‘it

‘s better not to get involved, the better it all under the carpet

I’m comfortable with the idea that everything sinks while I swim

When I hesitate whether I would, my alibi is the majority

In principle, I have no principle. Basically, I keep my head

and only one attitude, and that is – that I have no attitude. “

Alas, some people go and diplomicu at Nesbitt

Other real gemišt of beet and KEMISIL

When you ask what to do, no one hesitating

million people hide behind a defiant “fuck”

Fuck, it’s important to uhlebiš and you hire

At least for a handful of para slam plus, minus and nonsense

Very patriotic. Right in the top ten

Just for the future. Just for our children

all love money, and all the prey trapped

hostages negligence, each other party

all men, all passes, all agree on everything

all right every sin as long as you pay the price

because – fuck it, it must be, it is a necessity supreme

But not naked trash for cash – hashtag “fuck”

and nobody nobody fucks

I give up of themselves, and thus their own lives

and during that time, someone poisons the air

someone is killing the river

sake of personal profit selling off our country

and made of us a tribe kneeling before the totem

All honest chases, thugs push to the front

E it’s called betrayal

It’s against the people. That is the truth.

These people exist, but no one touches those people

Attack me, and just say this…

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