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Song Lick Back Lyrics

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Niggas know y’all can’t f*ck with me, nigga

[Verse 1: EST Gee]

Throw the hood up and then we skrrt off

Slidin’ in that Trackhawk, all my jewelry on, my shirt off

Turn the phone on DND, on silent, all alerts off

It’s a fast car, but I’m movin’ slow, I like my syrup raw

Every nigga round me shoot that yeek

And get they merch off

I don’t bark, I bite

I got more paper than yo big dawg

Wanna change yo life? My best advice:

A brick of fentanyl

This bitch type is wife

I just might let the condom slip off

Ain’t too many like me

99% of them rip offs

On point even at her spot

I never take my kicks off

Ask my opps how it feel

To wake up daily and get shit on

You get in yo feelings and make diss songs

I make “At yo people’s house, outside, shootin that blick” songs And I’m still good on every block

I used to knock P’s on

Boss. I get you chalked

My name ain’t something that you should speak on

Pulled out 20 sumn

Just to let Johnny put my teeth on

My money 10 feet tall

But I ain’t something you should shoot at

Kill something, you wanna lock in with us

I thought you knew that

My plug drove the load in on a truck

Next day he flew back

I talk so much shit

I need a Tic-Tac

I got 5 thousand for you

Help me set this wolf trap

Started a new strain smokin’ yo man

This here a wolf pack

Up on the scoreboard, we still active

Like we on get back

Only thing gon take that pain away is if you get racks

Forever get my lick back

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