Song NLE Choppa – Stompin Lyrics

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Song NLE Choppa – Stompin Lyrics

Stompin Lyrics

Foot on they necks I be stompin’ on niggas
Ain’t wearing no vest I ain’t duckin’ no niggas
Ain’t runnin’ from triggers
I look down the barrel tell em’ pull it since he think he really a killer
Hit ain’t like that ’til he pop him a jigga
I see through these bitches like Snapchat filters
If I miss a target, must’ve been dreamin’
I never miss a shot when I’m tryin’ to sick him
Written By: Sacaii, DracoKid & NLE Choppa

Details About Stompin Song

Song Title: Stompin
Artist: NLE Choppa
Written By: Sacaii, DracoKid & NLE Choppa
Produced By: Sacaii & DracoKid
Release Date: January 28, 2022
Music Label: No Love Entertainment

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