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Polo G Piano G Lyrics – Piano G Lyrics Written By Polo G, Song From Hall of Fame 2.0 Album, Song Sung By Artist Polo G, Released On 3 December 2022 And Music Label By Columbia Records & Motown Records.

Piano G Lyrics

(Oh yeah, I’m finna make a banger with this one)
(DJ on the beat so it’s a banger)
He had it hard, now he just tellin’ his story
Speak from the heart and I just tell ‘em “Record me”
Five was my nigga ever since we was shorties
Living lawless, we don’t respect no authority
My paper straight, can’t put these hoes for my priorities
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Song Releasing On 3 December 2022
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Written By: Polo G

Details About Piano G Song

Song Title: Piano G
Artist: Polo G
Written By: Polo G
Produced By: Chopsquad DJ
Release Date: December 3, 2022
Music Label: Columbia Records & Motown Records

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