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Ah, beautiful 2P

I’ve had a few stones out of my shoe for a while

Maybe it’s time to take them all off


Two like 2P


Uoh (Yeh, yeh, yeh)

[Verse ]

The disc is ready, do you know what that means? (Uh)

Word “fine” on their businesses (Fine)

These cute with ‘these necklaces

They look like my daughter when she was a month (Uh, haha)

Who cares to let me see (Who?)

My career, between’, is constantly rising (Uh)

While I’m shopping downtown

This counts the money to do the shopping (Din, din)

I spread the scеna on a hot plate

But it’s all scene, bro ,

Above Insta ‘you play Rambo

I’m getting hot, it’s starting to get hot (Uh, uh)

Some will never learn (Uoh)

Just for some hype (Uoh)

They do the G’s in the live (Uoh)

As long as we see each other live (Uoh)

I have earned, you have collected (Uh)

I speak to minors but you are handicapped (Uh)

From how you speak and move safely

Bro ‘, yours are first cousins ​​(Ahah)

I hate’ I’m scarce who does the fearful (Uh)

As if everything was piloted (Seh)

If it were so really, then I hijacked that fucking plane, bro, I hijacked it (Aah)

My brother dressed in black, gravedigger (Uh)

He doesn’t smoke cigar ‘but Craxi, Bettino (Uh)

So if you want to be a gangster you end up on a bed like from the east

This lecchino who makes me parties He

looks like Harlequin, dressed up

He says I don’t miss a shot

In fact in a while they snip his head

Fra ‘, in the street there is always an infamous

Who first knocks and then calls a friend

Send whoever you want, Jesus Christ, your father

Weighs a hundred kilos, me too with necklaces (Din)

Androgenic rapper above the display

‘I’m here I don’t understand if it’s a he or a she

She wears makeup like a woman so well (Mhm)

That after two Cuba I would throw it at her (Ahah)

No, brother, it didn’t change my fame

I stay wild with the grain or fashion

Over a vine with a machete in hand

In this urban jungle I am Indiana Jones

type a crash like Lady Diana

The impaled and then sings like Diana Ross (AAH)

I drink the infamous this karasho

Behind his glasses as Lara Croft, ah

I did everything in his career

From tape to hit, ‘I’m from ‘still breaks

Nice your single

But in the long run it breaks a bit to the shit, yes, like Gomorra

‘ This new rapper looks like an influencer

And I post everything he touches on the web

I don’t even know where it came from

But I know for sure that between he goes back a bit (At home)

If you do me a wrong, sooner or later you pay for it

Because they don’t lose rivals

You and your gang, more than criminals

Spoiled children who open gifts

Fake sales, receipts pumped

Among ‘all’ These schemes are not actual

64 was not even Red Bull

and all ‘sti fools get their wings, hello

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