Song tengo motivos junior h lyrics english

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[Verse 1]

I have reasons and I bring them here with me

I do not brag, I only say what I live

According to my humility they think to humiliate me I

listen to them speak and then they say hello

The fish is dying from moving its mouth so much

And that happens to envious people

They think the world revolves around them

A coward died, no one remembered

Take care of yourself when you reach the top

Keep fighting to stay up there

How easy it is to have friends now where I am

When I had nothing, no one helped me


I’m going to do three to him

Let the kill continue, my old

Puro Junior H

[Verse 2]

Live your life and appreciate what you have

Focus, you know what you deserve

They want to compare themselves with what I am now

You are not in my shoes, you don’t even know who I am

They know only the little that I expose them Ups

and downs, this happens to everyone

I don’t stumble over the same mistake twice

I’m forming a path that no one else traveled

Maybe they’ll learn a little from my advice

Live happily because you have the right

You decide who you are and where you’re going

Don’t let go of the wheel and don’t look back

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