Soursop Juice (Graviola) Health Benefits

The health benefits and uses of soursop juice, and how to make this yourself at home.

1. The soursop is a prickly fruit which has been used as a natural medicine for centuries. This is also commonly known as Graviola or guyabano.

2. These are usually found in South America but also grow in other warm climates around the world.

3. The juice from this fruit has a delicious flavour and can be used to treat many different health problems in the human body.

4. It contains a large number of phytonutrients. These antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties and can help in treating macular degeneration of the eyes.

5. Cancer is one of the most problematic diseases nowadays. Research has shown that bioactive components in soursop juice can cause cancer cells to break down and die, especially in the pancreas. This has a similar effect to chemotherapy.

6. Soursop fruit tastes like a mixture of strawberries and pineapples which is very tasty. The natural sugars are easy for your body to process compared to refined white sugar found in soda and unhealthy drinks.

7. The Soursop juice is often used to destroy parasites in the body. You can use the leaves of this same tree to make a tea which cleanses the gut of these invaders.

8. People who are suffering from a cough, cold or flu can use freshly made soursop juice to clear out the airwaves and eliminate phlegm and mucus.

9. The vitamin C in soursop fruit will also boost the immune system helping you to heal faster from and diseases and infections. The concentrated antioxidants also destroy free radicals in the blood.

10. You can apply soursop juice to wounds and injured skin. The sedative properties of this help to relieve the pain and speed up the healing process.

11. The calcium and phosphorus content in this fruit help to prevent osteoporosis and muscular problems with age.

12. Anxiety can be very stressful for people with busy lifestyles. Drinking healthy juices such as this calm down the mind and central nervous system, making you have more focus and a sense of calm.

13. In some countries, this is called the custard apple, or guanabana.

How To Make Soursop Juice Peel the fruit and remove the seeds. Place the pulp in a blender and cover with water. Blend this into a fine mixture and then strain through a sieve. It is delicious to add the juice of 2 limes with this, and many people add sugar to make this into a tasty treat. You can freeze the juice in popsicle moulds, for a healthy alternative to store-bought ice lollies which contain lots of additives. Drinking healthy juices such as this on a regular basis will help to invigorate your entire body making you feel absolutely fantastic. Soursop leaves also can be used as natural medicine.