The Best 5 Tips to improve your English vocabulary

Let’s begin with some tips to improve your vocabulary.

#1: Give out Compliments to people. All of us are facing some problem or the other in our lives. So we are usually sad, angry, tired or moody. In such a scenario, imagine if somebody comes up to you and says.. ‘You have a beautiful smile.’ It just makes your day! So learn one compliment word a day and use it for everybody. Not only will you remember that word for the rest of your life but you will also make that person’s day!

#2: Read a story before sleeping. Don’t get influenced by people who say that only non-fiction books are useful. Pffft. Who wants to read ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ right before sleeping! At night, you want to relax and stories are the original ‘brain-melting ASMR!’ Infact, all the WORLD’S BEST DADS read a story to their kids at bed time. Because it teaches them new words, it makes them creative and it puts them to sleep! So in bed, instead of wasting 2 hrs on phone pick up a nice fiction novel that’ll relax your mind, it’ll reduce your screen time and trust me, it will improve your vocabulary. If you are a beginner and want to know what story books to pick first then google it.

#3: Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. I understand that all of us need entertainment in our lives, but we don’t necessarily have to stream ‘big-boss’ level videos, no? How many times will you stream, ‘Expectation Vs Reality’ videos on Youtube? If you want to learn new words, then chose your entertainment wisely. For example, you can stream movies like.. ‘Shawshank Redemption’, TV Series like ‘Shark Tank’, even some English Stand-up comedy like ‘Vir Das for India’ and Rohan Joshi’s ‘Wake N Bake’ because these entertain you, teach you new words but they also make you think.

#4: Read news from an app! Read ‘The Hindu’ newspaper everyday and even post some articles and headlines on your social media stories sometime in your own words. It keeps you updated throughout the day, it saves your time and because you are on your phone anyway, you can google what a new word means.

#5 Convert your takiya-kalaams to English! Takiya-kalaams are phrases that you use quite often while speaking. It’s like a catch-phrase in your regional language. For example, I usually say… ‘Why didn’t you say something? Mu me dahi jama ke baithei thei?’ If you convert this to English, it’s equivalent would be.. ‘Why didn’t you say something? Has the cat got your tongue?!’ Did you see that? I just learnt a new phrase. Similarly, ‘Ayyo’ can become ‘Merlin’s Beard!’ Another example is when you can say.. instead of saying.. So when you convert your regional catch-phrases to English, you learn not one but multiple words. Now, apart from these, some other methods include.. learning one new word everyday, playing games like scrabble, using flash-cards, carrying the dictionary. But let’s be real… you will not do all of this unless you are preparing for an exam like GRE or GMAT. So if you want to improve your vocabulary without much effort then these 5 methods will have you covered.