Things you need to cover before IBPS PO exam.

Firstly, if you got rejected by just 2 marks, just imagine how close you were to clear the exam. So nothing to worry about losing the chance of clearing the exam.

3 months of current affairs from the mains exam date.

Having a good practice in essay and letter writing.

As there is descriptive section in mains exam, you have to be ready to show off your writing skills. Write one essay and one letter every day starting from today. No matter how worse your writing skills are, it’s important to analyse your writing skills.

For essay, choose any one of the most discussed topics daily like Crypto currencies, Digital India, Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, Education system, Financial Inclusion, etc.

Choose a topic in a day and try to write it in 3 paragraphs which are

To know more tips about essay writing, browse in the internet.

For letter writing, write one letter daily. Search letter topics for bank descriptive exams in Google. Most probably, one would get two types of letters. Formal and Informal. One can choose either of it.

I would always recommend to go with formal one. As the content would be less in a formal letter, we just need to focus on the format. However, in informal one, there is no complex format to follow but content plays a major role in it. Formal would be relatively better but it depends upon the individual. One can go with whichever one is comfortable with.

As descriptive is part of mains exam, don’t ignore it. Many don’t prepare for this section. But we need to remember that we need to clear both objective and descriptive section to clear the mains.

Ability to solve complex problems in less time possible.

Having a grip over the important topics of banking.

You can refer to any of the sources.

So covering all the these things, your routine would look like this.

You can modify your routine according to your comfort.

Assign weekly goals with daily goals. That means you must assign what all you should do daily for that week. Write the tasks on a paper and keep tracking your progress. It helps you to create a discipline.

Best YouTube channels are

All the best.

Tips by Sai Sundeep, AM at Pandyan Grama Bank (2017-present)