Tips For Any Competitive Exam Preparation

Here are some basic tips, if you are preparing for any competitive exam

  1. Put the phone out of sight : phone is the biggest distraction. Even if you put it on silent ,you would pick it up every five minutes to check if you had a notification or scroll through social media.
  2. Keep yourself alert : sometimes we lose focus simply because the material bores us to sleep or we are too tired to study. So, keep yourself alert by eating a snack, taking a power nap(not more than 45 minutes) or by having a cup of coffee.
  3. Break it up : don’t try to study everything for one class or more than 4 hours straight. Take 15 minutes break between each hour. By this you may refresh your mind and you can stay on track when you get back to study.
  4. Don’t study with friends : if you invite your friends to study, instead of studying it may turn into chatting.
  5. Play focusing music: focusing music is a non distracting background music with no lyrics. This method helps to concentrate on studies. So, try to listen alpha music which is the best music while studying.
  6. And the most important tip is that we should never ever study overnight because instead of increasing the concentration it effects our brain and we may not remember what we studied. So, get attest 8 to 9 hours of sleep.

All the best.