Tips for Students preparing for HTET exam

If you are preparing for HTET exam; I have some tips for you.

  1. The most important thing is the books you are referring. So first ,ask someone who had pass the HTET exam in good shape about what books you should refer.
  2. Make plans for your studies with reference to the time left (whether the exam is near , or far ) . See for HTET syllabus to be covered within given duration.
  3. Make daily routines ,not only for studies but for all your works of the day including all recreational activities,sleep, etc. Give time for your hobbies too.
  4. Try joining a HTET coaching class or get hold of a good teacher as your mentor,if possible.
  5. It’s hard to follow up new routines, but within half a month you will get used to with it. So don’t worry about it, just focus on what you should do today and don’t take too much tensions about tomorrow— make your today good and tomorrow will be a shining star right above waiting for you to get hold of it.
  6. Ask yourself at the end of each day whether your activities can be improved. Give yourself rewards and punishments for each good and bad working days .
  • Don’t always be stucked in your HTET exam studies take time for enjoyment too, it helps. It will refresh your mind and make you happy for your next coming tasks.
  • All the best… Don’t forget the saying,“ labour cannot be wasted , it is always paid ” ,“work hard today and enjoy your tomorrow” , …. never give up…. Keep doing what you like but do not forget your duty to yourself and to your near and dear ones.