Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Optimization

Top 10 WordPress Plugins That Are Necessary After Installing WordPress!

The popularity of WordPress as CMS is constantly increasing. Numerous blogs or sites are being created every day with the help of WordPress. Blog visitors need SEO or search engine optimization. The WordPress SEO plugin has made the task of search engine optimization much easier. It is very easy to do SEO in WordPress by using these WordPress plugins. Use the plugin that is suitable for you.

1. WordPress Plugin for SEO

WordPress SEO Plugin (Yoast) WordPress SEO Plugin The most widely used WordPress plugin. In 2016, the WordPress SEO plugin topped the list of highest ratings and active installs. This plugin has a number of features

A. Page Analysis (will tell you what to do)

B. Meta tags c. XML Sitemap

D. Profile and canonical URL settings

E. Social media integration and much more.

2. All in one SEO pack plugin is another unique plugin for SEO on WordPress site. Automatic meta tags and title tag optimization. You can use this plugin if you do not want to repeat the same content. This plugin is unique to the WordPress eCommerce site. It has unique features

A. Google Analytics support

B. Automatic meta-tagging

C. XML Sitemap

D. Social media engagement

E. SEO integration for eCommerce

3. SEO Ultimate

You can use the SEO Ultimate WordPress plugin to make your entire site SEO friendly. There are many new features of SEO Ultimate such as finding 404 errors, fixing permalink structure etc. Features of SEO Ultimate

A. Title tag

B. 404 Error detection

C. Fix the structure of the permalink

D. Social media

E. Publisher Highlighter

4.Add Meta Tag Plugin

If you want your site to be search engine friendly, you need to add meta tags and open graph tags. This plugin will make your job easier. Its main features include adding meta tags to pages and posts, adding keywords, etc. Feature

A. Basic meta tags

B. Extended meta tags

C. Twitter card

5.Platinum SEO Pack Platinum

SEO Pack is unique for getting everything in one. The Platinum SEO Pack can be used to add tags such as no-follow or do-follow, no-index or non-index to a post. Feature

A. Automatic 301 redirects

B. Create automatic meta tags

C. Canonical URL

D. Index, no-index, follow or no follow and much more.

6.All-In-One WP Migration

Especially if your website is quite large in size, we recommend the All-In-One WP Migration WordPress Backup Plugin. Backing up a large website is a bit of a hassle, as many plugins fail to work, resulting in the site being corrupted, media files missing.

7.Cache plugin

Another way to further boost the loading speed of a WordPress site is to use a cache plugin. These plugins and cache tools show a saved webpage to many visitors. This makes webpage loading faster for visitors. With WordPress not having to use processing power repeatedly, users’ static pages are served from the cache on the server.

8.W3 Total Cache

It is said to be a plugin to enhance the browsing performance of WordPress. You can also use the W3 Total Cache plugin to reduce the loading speed of the website. This reduces webpage downloads for each web page loading, making the plugin work a bit like a CDN; As a result, the website loads much faster than usual. There is also a premium version, but the real thing is to configure it properly, only then the speed can be increased!