Top 10 facts about Peacocks

Peacocks are pheasants that are large and colourful and they are usually green and blue.

They are known for their taeakhabaar that appear to change colour on the surface. The term Peacock is usually referred to both sexes, however, males are Peacocks, females are referred to as Peahens.

They are birds that feed on the ground and eat small creatures, plants and insects.

When they begin to mate, they will use their large trains for mating rituals and displays of courtship. Their amazing trains can be arched into a fan that reaches over their backs touching the ground on the other side. The Peahens will then choose who they mate with determined by their size, quality and colour. The main predators of Pea Fowl which is the collective name for Peacocks and Pea Hens are Tigers, Leopards and Mongoose, and when they feel there is danger, they fly up and hide in trees and they will spend the night in trees for this very same reason to steer clear of predators.

Their body measures between 35 to 50 inches and their tail can measure as tall as 5 foot.

A Peacock weighs in at between 8.75 – 13 pounds.

A group of Peacocks is called a party.

Peacocks are carnivores and eat both plants and animals. Also, they consume insects, arthropods, amphibians, flowers and seeds.

Peahens can lay between 3 to 5 eggs and their young will hatch after 28 days in their fully developed state and have the ability to walk, eat and drink without the assistance of their mother.