Top 10 IELTS Speaking Exam Tips

IELTS Speaking Exam Tips : It lasts for 11-15 minutes, depending on your answers. Everything can happen in the spur-of-the-moment. You have to be quite spontaneous while delivering your answers. Make sure you give your first response with the best effort.

  • It is advisable to be fluent rather than showcasing your knowledge of vocabulary. Don’t waste time thinking about the best word.
  • Use idioms in your sentences to describe your feelings. This will help you to impress the examiner. 2-3 idioms are enough, but make sure you practice enough to showcase your skills.
  • Don’t ever try to memorise the answers because the examiner will immediately come to know that you are regurgitating your response.
  • Avoid speaking in a monotone; be natural with your fluency and try to vary your pitch at specific points to sound more interesting.
  • Don’t panic while delivering your answers. Mistakes tend to happen, and therefore you can’t panic in the exam. If you are quick enough to correct it, then it is fine. Otherwise, I would suggest to move on with your next sentence.
  • Go through the study guide for finding some good cue card topics. Record your voice and listen to it for improving your speaking skills.
  • Your knowledge is not being tested. The examiner is only interested in your speaking skills. Be confident while speaking!