Top Facts About New Hampshire

New Hampshire, known as the Granite State because of its abundant granite supplies, was the ninth state to ratify the Constitution on June 21, 1788. Nine states were required to ratify the Constitution before it could be used, and so New Hampshire’s ratification officially put it into effect. New Hampshire was the first state to declare independence from England, six months before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

In 1833 the Peterborough Town Library became the first public library supported by taxes in the world. New Hampshire was the home of another first, too – Alan Shepherd, the first American in space, was born there. Only one president has come from New Hampshire – Franklin Pierce, the 14th president, who served from 1853 to 1857. Today, New Hampshire is known for its mountains and beautiful fall foliage. Here’s a little bit more about New Hampshire. I hope you enjoyed learning facts about New Hampshire, the Granite State.