Top Facts about Vermont

Vermont, also called the Green Mountain State, was the fourteenth state to join the United States of America on March 4, 1791, after petitioning Congress to be allowed in. Vermont was the first state to join after the original thirteen colonies and is one of only four states that was an independent country before becoming a state. Vermont was the first state to partially abolish slavery and was an important part of the Underground Railroad, a secret network that helped slaves escape from states where slavery was legal to free states or Canada.

Although Vermont is only the sixth smallest state, it is the second least populated. Vermont’s capital, Montpelier, is the smallest state capital in the country, with a population of fewer than 8,000 people. Vermont is the birthplace of two US Presidents: Chester A. Arthur, and Calvin Coolidge, who has the distinction of being the only President born on the 4th of July! Vermont is the nation’s leading producer of monument granite and marble, as well as the largest source of maple syrup in the United States, producing 500,000 gallons every year. More than three-quarters of the state is covered in forest, and many people come each year to see the fall foliage or ski in the mountains. Here’s a little bit more about Vermont. I hope you enjoyed facts about Vermont, the Green Mountain State.