Top Facts about Virginia You May Not Know

Virginia is nicknamed the Old Dominion. It’s also called the Mother of Presidents because it was the birthplace of eight US Presidents, more than any other state in US history. Virginia was the tenth state to join the United States of America when it ratified the constitution on June 25, 1788. The history of Virginia began long before that, though, when the first permanent English settlement in North America was built in Jamestown in 1607.

Virginia played a central role in the Revolutionary War: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson called Virginia home, and Yorktown, Virginia, was the site of the surrender by British General Cornwallis, which brought the Revolution to a close. In 1789 James Madison, another Virginian, drafted the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the constitution, which guaranteed personal rights for American citizens. After the start of the Civil War, Virginia seceded from the United States and its capital city of Richmond eventually became the capital of the Confederate States. Virginia was also the site of more than half of the battles in the Civil war. Today, Virginia plays an important role in the government of the United States, with more workers in government than any other industry. It is the home of the US Navy’s Atlantic Fleet as well as Arlington National Cemetery. Here’s a little bit more about Virginia. I hope you enjoyed learning about Virginia, the Old Dominion.