Top Metabolism Boosting Foods

A list of foods that boost the metabolism

The metabolism is a collection of biochemical processes that take place in the body. These reactions breakdown food that you eat and convert it into energy. Many people suffer from slow or sluggish metabolism because they have insulin resistance or hormone imbalances. You will find it difficult to lose weight and feel energised if you have a slow metabolism. This also slows down because of ageing, stress, dieting, calorie restriction and low stomach acid.

In this article, we will share with you a list of 16 foods that boost metabolism. These will help you to burn more fat and convert food to energy much faster.

1. Avocados: Avocados are one of nature’s best superfoods for boosting metabolism and are one of the best sources of potassium. Potassium is an important electrolyte which stimulates energy production in the cells, by helping them to absorb more nutrients from your food.

2. Eggs to boost metabolism: Eggs contain all the building blocks of life and are a rich source of choline. This important nutrient helps to strip fat away from the liver and the internal organs. This naturally speeds up the metabolism by improving liver function and helps the liver to produce bile for breaking down fat.

3. Swiss Chard: If you regularly have cravings for sweet foods and sugar then you likely have insulin resistance. We recommend eating salads daily loaded with Swiss Chard or Beet Tops. They are rich in vitamins and minerals which boost digestion and metabolism naturally. Swiss Chard is extremely high in potassium for fixing insulin resistance in the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar to boost metabolism: Drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before each meal to rapidly supercharge your metabolism. This brings the stomach’s Ph level back to its normal acidity. This allows your stomach to break down foods faster and tap into your own fat reserves for energy.

4. Chilli Peppers: These delicious spicy fruits are well known for having a warming effect on the body. This is called thermogenesis and speeds up metabolism by improving blood flow and burning more calories. A compound called capsaicin in chilli’s helps to balance blood sugar and block cravings.

5. Salmon Wild-caught salmon is one of the best sources of protein and omega 3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation in the brain. DHA found in salmon improves the health of the pituitary gland which regulates hormones in the body. Hormone imbalances are one of the main causes of weight gain, obesity, arthritis, heart attacks, strokes and many more illnesses.

6. Kale: The body absorbs many dangerous toxins from the environment, like pesticides, heavy metals and pollutants. These are called endocrine disrupters which puts the hormones out of balance and makes you feel sluggish and tired. Organic kale helps to detoxify these chemicals from your liver, balance your hormones and boost energy rapidly due to its high concentration of nutrients.

7. Green Tea: If you are trying to lose weight quickly then consider drinking matcha green tea on a daily basis. This is a chlorophyll-rich drink which detoxifies the liver and boosts the metabolic rate. This has been consumed for thousands of years as a drink for longevity and great health.

8. Sauerkraut: This is a form of fermented cabbage that is commonly eaten in Germany. This is very easy to digest and feeds the friendly bacteria called probiotics in your gut. This helps to reduce bloating, speed up fat burning and overall metabolic function.

9. Nutritional Yeast: This is one natures best sources of the B vitamin complex which helps to fix insulin resistance. Stress hormones in the body like cortisol can cause your muscles to be converted into sugar and fat. Vitamin B1 in nutritional yeast regulates this hormone and improves the metabolism and the nervous system.

10. Celery: Eating fibre rich vegetables are very important when fixing a broken metabolism. Fibre helps to buffer insulin levels in the body which allows you to burn more fat and break down food. Celery, beet tops, spinach, kale, arugula, bok choy and other fibrous vegetables are essential when losing weight, to strip away fat from the liver.

11. Coconut Oil: Unlike unhealthy vegetable oils and margarine, coconut oils contain MCT’s (medium-chain triglycerides). These are much easier for your body to process and are quickly converted into energy in the liver. This speeds up metabolism, improves brain function and can be used for cooking delicious meals. Always use extra virgin coconut oil and avoid refined varieties.

12. Walnuts: We highly recommend eating a small handful of quality nuts each day. Walnuts are some of the best as they provide minerals like selenium and zinc. These heal the thyroid gland and help to balance hormones in the body. They also contain omega 3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory.

13. Butter: When boosting the metabolism we must keep the insulin hormone low in the body. Insulin blocks fat burning so we recommend consuming whole foods and natural sources of fat. Grass-fed butter is very healthy and is loaded with fat-soluble nutrients like A, E, D and K2. K2, in particular, improves blood flow in the arteries by removing harmful plaque.

14. Digestive Enzymes: If you struggle to digest foods and get a lot of bloating or constipation, then you will never be able to boost your metabolism. You can fix the digestive system by taking a daily supplement digestive enzymes called betaine HCL. You can also take ox bile to improve fat metabolism and apple cider vinegar capsules to strengthen the stomach.

15. Maca Root: This is a superfood vegetable grown in the Andes Mountains. This is rich in magnesium and other nutrients that support the adrenal glands, in regulating cortisol. This helps to lower your stress levels and prevent your muscles from being converted to sugar.

16. Sea Kelp: Sea kelp is one of the best sources of iodine and trace minerals which are used to restore the health of the glands in the body. Sea kelp helps with thyroid problems in women and helps to reduce the overproduction of estrogen in both men and women. High estrogen levels cause you to gain weight, so it’s important to fix this.

Bonus tip to boost metabolism: Herbs & Spices We highly recommend eating healthy spices like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, paprika and cumin. You can also use fresh herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme, mint and tarragon. Adding these to your food rapidly boosts the metabolism and stimulates healing at the cellular level.

As you can see there are many foods you can eat to boost metabolism. Eating these will improve your mood, sleep quality, fat burning, stress levels, overall health and metabolic rate. More fat on the body is burned during sleep, so we recommend improving your sleep quality each night. You can take natural sleep aids like valerian root and perform relaxation exercises. Cut out unhealthy oils and margarine spreads and switch to extra virgin coconut oil, olive oil and grass-fed butter. These are easy to digest and metabolise and are nutrient-dense. Intermittent fasting is also another way to kick-start your metabolism and reduce insulin resistance. Simply eating all of your calories in an 8-hour window during the day helps the body to rest and digest. Fasting improves the health of the cells and allows them to take in more nutrients which then speeds up the metabolism. You can also try following a healthy low carb diet such as keto which involves eating lots of healthy vegetables and natural fats to fix metabolic problems. Finally, the key to truly boosting your metabolism is nourishment. Eating nutrient-dense foods like the ones shown today consistently will restore your health, and allow your body to function at its best.