Use AMP Pages on Mobile to Boost SEO

Google wants to increase user experience and decrease the slow internet, So they came up with Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google boosts up the mobile webspace with an Open Source framework designed to speed up load times for mobile internet users.

With respect to SEO, AMP is not a direct search engine factor, but speed is. Page Speed is an important component of search engine ranking. As a result, Mobile page rendering with AMP will surely impact SEO significantly if your website is not up to par when it comes to speed.

AMP technology helps web pages load faster which potentially improves usability and thus convinces visitors to stay longer on your site engaging with your content. If you are a daily google news reader then you can see how all the big publishers move to google amp pages to increase readership.

The logic behind google AMP phenomenon is straightforward: faster load time leads to better engagement, which reduces bounce rate and improves mobile ranking to boost SEO.

So start using AMP : Download AMP plugin for WordPress and activate it. You will get knowledge after activating the plugin, Its a DIY process for wordpress website owners.